The creation of this infrastructure is part of the cooperation agreement between APTE and the Telefónica communications company.

As an exclusive service of the university and the companies that make life within the scientific park, the University of Girona, in Spain, enabled its private blockchain infrastructure. This was announced through a press release published recently by local media.

The press release states that this initiative arose within the framework of agreements that the university has with the Telefónica Company and the association that composes the technological space in the country, this is, the APTE. The main objective of the project indicates that they seek to promote the development of a blockchain-based solution that allows securing payment and digital identification quickly and efficiently.

According to known agreements, the implementation of a pilot project in which APTE will be able to use the entire blockchain infrastructure for three months is highlighted. This, according to the press release, will help improve communication structures and the exchange of private information between the companies involved in the campus.

“The strategy facilitates the creation of channels for the exchange of private and secure information between different companies”, the article explains about the central idea of the project.

It is important to note that the communications company Telefónica expects to be able to use some storage services using blockchain technology, as well as develop a digital identity that facilitates interaction between companies. In this way, it will take advantage of new technologies.

Telefónica will use the Cloud Garden storage service, which will have eight months with the IBM firm and will allow companies to use blockchain, big data or artificial intelligence solutions.

The software of the first of these technologies allows connecting the processes business with platforms, networks and blockchain ecosystems. In addition, contemplate the development of an innovative digital identity service that will have the launch of a public catalog of innovative companies that will connect with each other”, as detailed in the publication.

The Blockchain ​​Shared Use Agreement

A few weeks ago, it was announced that there is an agreement between the Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain (APTE) and the Telefónica Company to facilitate the development of digital identity solutions and payment processing with blockchain protected security. This is part of the current always.

The agreement between the aforementioned companies, which will be put into operation in a private blockchain network created by their means, will help provide support and assistance to the 52 science parks that are operational within the APTE.

To achieve this objective, the association highlighted that this agreement deepens the ties of cooperation of the institutions with private companies, as well as the technological and economic impulse of Spain to support the new initiative.

“This agreement marks a new milestone in the support and commitment of science and technology parks with scientific and technological development, digital transformation and ultimately the economic development of our country”, it concludes.

By María Rodríguez


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