For the first time in Chile, an advanced program of studies is offered. It is aimed at computer professionals on cryptotechnology

The Pontifical Catholic University of Chile announced, through a statement, that it is ready to offer a specialized certification about blockchain technology, which will begin to be issued on April 22nd of this year.

“The technology that will revolutionize digital transactions, eliminating intermediaries and that may be applicable to various business scenarios”, says the official description of the academic program that the university provided to interested parties.

It is known that the certification will have a duration of 102 academic hours, which will allow training and specialization in blockchain. The course is officially aimed to specialists in the computer science area such as: industrial engineers, civil engineers, computer execution engineers and computer engineers.

The complete course in the most important university of Chile will cost 2,600,000 Chilean pesos, an approximate of 4,300 US dollars, and will be taught at the University Extension Center.

On the official course program, special emphasis is placed on what they consider to be the greatest advantage of this technology: the secure use of blockchain connections and the possibility of conducting commercial transactions without using intermediaries, at any place in the world, and without the need to wait for a long time.

“The key is the existence of a distributed database that, through elaborate algorithms, incorporates a new transaction only when there is consensus among the participants. Its main application so far is to support the creation of cryptocurrencies because for the first time it is possible to make transactions between individuals without requiring the intervention of a financial institution”, said a document released by the university.

This innovative academic program is made up of four important points which range from the basic fundamentals of blockchain technology, smart contracts with support on Ethereum and Solidity platforms, private and public business platforms (Hyperledger), and cryptocurrencies focused on their development, use and mining. It is also known that the diploma will be made up of a group of specialized teachers in the area, such as Miguel Ángel Branada, expert specialist in the company Accenture Chile, as well as other renowned computer technicians such as Mauricio Arriaga and Jaime Navón Cohen.

Navón, who is also Head and Director of the blockchain program, commented in a video, published on the course website about the different aspects and benefits of this technology. He also compared the beginning of the Internet with the current development of blockchain technology.

“Something similar happens with blockchain, so far it has been used especially for cryptocurrencies, but it is a technology of enough purpose to have a potential for been used in numerous applications that are beginning to appear”, said Navón firmly.

Academic Training in Blockchain for Latin America

Chile is not the only country that is betting on the training and specialization of these new technologies. Last year, in Brazil, Fundação Getulio Vargas (Getulio Vargas Foundation) offered the first cryptofinance Master’s degree.

In Argentina, this coming March 27th, a certification in virtual study mode will be launched at the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires. It will be about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and smart contracts.

More and more countries are looking for opportunities to get knowledge about blockchain technology and use this platform to different fields in everyday life.

By María Victoria Rodríguez


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