Turkish company Antalya Homes mentioned that it accepts up to 8 types of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin.

Through an announcement for its clients, the real estate company Antalya Homes, in Turkey, informed that it enabled the option of payments with cryptocurrencies. In this way, those interested in paying with cryptocurrencies can use the new company’s platform to buy a property, using Bitcoin (BTC).

The Turkish company has recently completed the sale of a property using Bitcoin as payment, according to the statement that Antalya Homes sent. This means that the company has made history in the country since this would be the first sale of a property using cryptocurrencies. This is the first crypto-registry that the real estate company has accepted. The company assures that it is feasible to continue conducting this type of operation.

Among the main reasons why this company decided to finalize the sale of the property through Bitcoin, a spokesperson of Antalya Homes commented that they had to adapt to the current reality. Now, one of the reasons to accept crypto-payments is mostly due to the crisis that the Covid-19 pandemic has generated, but also innovate the payment options.

Regarding how the company made the sale, Antalya Homes detailed that it adapted its web platform so that people interested in any property can take a virtual tour of the property. Then, to finalize the sale, the company added support tools for bitcoin.

Bayram Tekce, President of the Turkish company, stated that drones and virtual methods were used for this sale to hold meetings with buyers. “In the sale of an Antalya property, we shot images of the house with a drone and took an online tour with the client. Then, we bring the buyer and seller together in a virtual meeting and finalize the sale,” he explained. This distance-process is very positive during quarantine times.

Referring to the value of the property, Tekce said they agreed with the buyer on how they would make the payments, adding that this sale has been the highest value recorded in Turkey, for an approximate amount of USD 1.25 million.

During an interview, Tekce recalled that the Antalya Homes website has enabled a section that is only dedicated to clients who are interested in buying properties with cryptocurrencies. This section, called “Pay with Bitcoin”, is focused on this type of payment and accepts up to 7 types of cryptocurrencies.

This website that sells properties using cryptocurrencies as payment accepts Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), XRP, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Stellar (XLM), and Tether (ETH).

Greater Advantages in Purchases with Digital Currencies

Many countries are conducting these types of operations more frequently, especially since real estate companies see the use of these assets that are not subject to heavy taxes, or banking mechanisms for capital disbursement, as something positive.

Also, another example of property sales with bitcoins was evident in the city of Manhattan when a real estate investor named Ben Shoaul agreed to sell his property for USD 15.3 million in bitcoins.

The current crisis that the Covid-19 generated will probably cause more people to decide to buy with bitcoins. In this way, they can avoid cash exchange and also take advantage of the savings they have in cryptocurrencies, as well as crypto miners will surely want to take advantage of the income they have collected during the quarantine time.

By María Rodríguez


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