Spanish cryptocurrency trader @inmortalcrypto talks about the hidden world of those that buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Big profits, as well as big losses, have marked his career in the cryptocurrency market.

In 2015, when @inmortalcrypto was 19, he ventured into the fast-changing world of cryptocurrency trading. The novice trader completed his first exchanges and faced the inevitable loss of money, but he wanted to continue learning and understand how the market behaved.

The enthusiast, who refers to himself as @inmortalcrypto, turned the analysis of graphs, the review of histories and the many hours spent in front of a screen into routine activities. After five years of good days and bad days, the physics student reflects on his beginnings and how he became a professional trader.

Under his Twitter username, he expresses his belief that there are three basic aspects of cryptocurrency trading. The first relates to money as the trader must be willing to lose funds due to mistakes. He considers that it is normal to fail during the learning stage and that the trader will still do it throughout his profession.

In the case of a positive transaction, the Spanish trader recommends having enough patience to allow the income to go as far as possible. The combination of this element with the recognition of mistakes makes it possible to achieve consistency in cryptocurrency trading.

Time and Loneliness

The other two elements that @inmortalcrypto considers essential to cryptocurrency trading are the time needed to learn and the fact that it is a very lonely activity. Regarding the former, he stated that learning to trade requires investing time to learn, just like when a person studies to be able to practice a profession.

Regarding the second element, he noted that this is an individual and very lonely occupation since the person is alone before the screen and his or her own decisions. In case something goes wrong, there is no one to get support from as in other types of work, but it is necessary to get used to it.

The Spanish trader perceives this activity as a fight against oneself, rather than against the market. Therefore, psychology comes into play to face a loss, accept one’s mistakes and recuperate. For example, he noted that the loss of 50% of his capital would cause him pain, not so much for the money, but the underlying psychology.

Something positive that @inmortalcrypto especially remembers is one day when he made a profit of between USD 50,000 and USD 100,000.

According to the trader, these ups and downs are a part of the game that, in his particular case, has changed his character and turned him into another person. He believes that trading is not a job but an activity to have fun, like living a dream.

He begins his work after 10:00 a.m., reviewing the social networks and the graphs published by other traders. In the afternoon, he writes analyses, makes videos for Twitter and starts trading. If there are no opportunities to invest, he prefers not to do anything before rushing into disadvantageous transactions.

To conclude, he writes a report every night in which he records the activities and results of the day. This information allows him to examine his failures and successes for future decisions.

By Alexander Salazar


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