Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are rapidly transforming the financial world.

Below is a brief review of which were the most outstanding crypto news of the week so as not to lose detail about what is happening in the crypto ecosystem.

Coinbase Considers Adding Support for Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, According to Brian Armstrong

The Lightning Network is a network that works on the bitcoin blockchain and that allows the creation of payment channels between users and promises to send bitcoins almost instantly and without paying commissions.

Coinbase, the largest exchange in the United States, has confirmed that they are studying adding support for the Lightning Network to their platform. This could boost the adoption of Bitcoin payments around the world.

More on Coinbase: Blockchain Network Base Launch Scheduled for Next Week

Coinbase will officially launch its Blockchain network, called Base, on August 9. Thase is a second-layer network based on Ethereum and has been in the testing phase.

During the “Onchain Summer”, Coinbase has invited creators and developers to use the network to create products and services. Notable companies such as Coca-Cola, Atari, and OpenSea are already operating on the network.

Users will be able to connect their Coinbase wallets to Base and use their ETH in different applications and services within the network. Base will initially be powered by ETH, and no specific token will be released for the network.

According to Barbie Movie Actress Margot Robbie, Bitcoin Reflects “Ken Energy”

Actress Margot Robbie, star of the movie “Barbie”, made a joking comment about Bitcoin, referring to it as a typically male topic of conversation.

During an interview, Robbie mentioned that she and “Barbie” director Greta Gerwig used to make fun of some of the film’s male producers, including David Heyman and her husband Tom Ackerly, for constantly talking about cryptocurrency.

In particular, the comments referred to stereotypically masculine behavior and were related to the character of Ken in the movie “Barbie”.

CertiK Reveals Worldcoin Security Vulnerability

The cybersecurity company CertiK discovered a security vulnerability in the Orb operators’ system of the Worldcoin project. The security breach allowed attackers to become Orb operators without legitimate credentials.

CertiK informed Worldcoin about the vulnerability on May 29. The Worldcoin security team confirmed the breach and took steps to fix it. Although the exact details of the vulnerability and its fix are unknown, CertiK claims that the threat has been mitigated.

US Senate Passes National Defense Bill That Also Targets Crypto Mixers

The US Senate has passed a defense bill that also affects cryptocurrencies. This implies that the companies that are dedicated to crypto trading will have to pass more controls and follow some rules to avoid money laundering and sanctions.

Additionally, this means that the government wants to know more about the anonymous transactions that are made with crypto mixers, which are like washing machines that clean the origin of the coins. Companies that invest in China will have to inform Uncle Sam about what they do.

These measures are new for the crypto market, although in other contexts they are common practices.

By Audy Castaneda


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