On November 8th, Amazon cloud computing services (AWS), together with Kaleido, a ConsenSys company, presented a technology trading platform to help companies create their own distributed accounting projects.

This platform was named as “Blockchain Marketplace” is a digital services market in which services and technological tools of Amazon Web Services, Kaleido and other members that join, will be offered for the development of business blockchain projects.

The founder and CEO of Kaleido, Steve Cerveny, explained that only the blockchain represents about 10% of a blockchain technology project:

“There are many other elements such as applications, data, and indispensable infrastructures to reach the production stage,” explained Cerveny.

These elements will be offered in the Kaleido Blockchain Marketplace, according to Ceverny:

“I’m excited to have a whole cloud of integrated blockchain technologies available to our customers. The Kaleido Marketplace is a single point of purchase for everything related to the corporate blockchain. “

From Kaleido, they assure that the first users of its service market affirm that the platform “eliminates 80% of the codings that are personalized and necessary for the development of their blockchain projects”, and thus, facilitating the adoption of the technology of accounting distributed.

The company ConsenSys also states that its platform allows its users to have “with just one click” intelligent contracts and solutions to manage supply chains.

Solution Block

It is not the first time that Amazon Web Services is associated with initiatives to provide blockchain technology tools among its customers. At the end of 2017, it was announced that users of its platform could access the business blockchain of the R3CEV consortium to create their own applications or to try the existing ones.

In early April of this year, it was learned that Amazon filed a patent application for the creation of a database based on the blockchain. A few days later, AWS began offering templates to “simulate” blockchain’s of Ethereum and Fabric, with which it offers its users about 20 options for the creation of their own blockchain network, whether public or private.

Also, as of last month, the AWS branch located in China, announced its alliance with the platform of intelligent contracts and decentralized applications (DApss), to create a blockchain platform for developers and business customers. This platform is of the Baas or Blockchain as a service type, in order to facilitate the creation of this type of applications and smart contracts, which also comply with Chinese laws. The announcement had a great positive impact on the price of the cryptoactive Qtum, which achieved an increase of around 10%.

 By Samuel Paz


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