Comics have a unique way of telling a story. Drama, heroics, adventures, thrill, and excitement are all spicy ingredients that create a fantastic, virtual world that millions of people have enjoyed for decades.

Now, Tokenville aims to combine comics with the blockchain technology in an ambitious macro plan that intends to provide an immersive experience for fans all over the world with the addition of collectibles, among other assets.

Tokenville will offer crypto investors and enthusiasts an innovative way to learn more about the craft thanks to its creative format, promoting interactivity and a new approach in which characters, front covers of issues, and strips can become tokenized.

The Crypto Treasures of Mann O’Taur

The actual project that intends to merge the best of the blockchain world with comics is called the Crypto Treasures of Mann O’Taur, and it is designed by Vitaly Terletsky, a widely well-known comic book author. The “Myths of Crypto” will be the central theme.

In the same vein, in an industry that has advanced leaps and bounds since the start of 2017, but that has not quite taken the step towards everyday and widespread acceptance, using an exciting, creative tool to attract new people seems like an excellent idea.

The Crypto Treasures has portrayed reality in its storytelling despite selling itself as a comic book. It is set in ancient times, and it covers battles between the Good and the Evil in their quest to pursue “Mass Adoption,” painted as a mythical beast.

Tokenville is approaching the date of releasing the first issue of the Crypto Treasures, and both the comic book community and the blockchain one are eagerly waiting. The group states that crypto universe has “established its own mythology” in the last 10 years, which is the time of existence of the approach.

The team is quoted as saying, according to Cointelegraph, that an “own genesis with Satoshi as a creator” exists, and that the comic book will be full of tales of ups and downs, betrayal, heroes and villains.

Another exciting piece of news for collectors and investors alike will be the chance of acquiring mystic artifacts, a form of non-fungible ERC-721 tokens, and trading them at a marketplace. Earning these artifacts will enhance their probabilities to win the jackpot. The utility in the tokens is found on the fact that people need to pay for a subscription if they want to access the comic.

Tokenville is already thinking in similar products, as well, establishing a partnership with CryptoKitties to produce a show called Crypto Detective. The project has defended that since the time of its inception, the crypto community has had strong ties with the geek cultural manifestations.

A Little More About Tokenville

Tokenville is known within the industry as a decentralized entertainment platform. It powers original blockchain-based shows designed and developed for people who want to own a part of them.

The ecosystem implements its own native coin: the TV token, which is the one that provides access to comics for users. It is available on the HitBTC exchange. Tokenville is selling TV tokens to produce and distribute their content and shows.

By Andres Chavez


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