The event was attended by more than 39 speakers from the blockchain ecosystem. It featured the participation of different companies in the blockchain movement operating in Europe, such as Huawei, Paxful and BTCC.

The largest blockchain event in northern Europe, the CryptoFin Conference 2019, took place on October 14th and 15th. The event was organized in order to create the best environment to be shared among different participants from the blockchain ecosystem. During the holding of the conference, people could enjoy the best meeting point for investors, companies and startups related to the different blockchains operating in Europe.

Presentations related to blockchain technologies were offered during those two days, with more than 39 representatives from companies such as Huawei, Paxful and BTCC, among others. On the first day, after the start of the conference, overall themes such as the future of crypto assets and tokenization, as well as the use of blockchains as a tool in modern business models, were discussed. Then there was a moment for presentations on blockchain startups (generally known as startup pitches), and the day closed with an afterparty, where all participants were invited to relax and share with each other.

The second day of the conference began later, so that attendees could rest from the previous day’s party, with the overall theme of the new era of banking, followed by marketing for the alternative finance industry. After lunch, the overall theme was the regulations and trends of Internet security.

All this was done in just the two days of the event. In order that no one of the attendees missed any of the activities, the organizers had created an application for the CryptoFin Conference 2019, where the former would have access to the entire conference agenda, general information, the profiles of the participants, the biographies of the speakers, the site plan, the profiles of the allies at the event, and recommendations on different hotels and restaurants near the place.

Those who had arrived at the venue of the event before, on October 13th, were able to enjoy a «movie party», where they watched the Trust Machine documentary and had drinks and snacks, and had the opportunity to network with participants before the main event was held.

The CryptoFin Conference 2019 was an opportunity to learn more about how blockchain technology and the entire ecosystem of companies, investors and startups that are building different solutions with this technology are evolving.

Many investors had excellent opportunities to meet different established firms and startup companies where to invest. Representatives of established companies were able to get in touch with potential customers. Members of startups took advantage of the event to show them to potential customers and investors willing to support their ideas.

Not only do events like the CryptoFin Conference 2019 promote knowledge about blockchain technology and its many applications, but they also allow participants engaging in profitable business relationships. Besides, software developers can derive many ideas from the presentations on how that technology is currently being used worldwide.

By Willmen Blanco


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