Mudit Gupta, the creator of the Göerli ETH faucet, said that Cronje’s proposal was unworkable. Cronje’s announcement caused many Twitter users to express their discontent while others joked they would become millionaires.

In recent days, Yearn Finance (YFI) developer Andre Cronje posted a controversial message on Twitter. He announced a new update to decentralized exchange, which turned out to be a joke against the Ethereum-based network Polygon.

Cronje claimed that had become compatible with Göerli, an Ethereum testnet. Besides, he said that this network would be a second-layer solution, aiming to improve scalability or off-chain growth capacity.

The creator of YFI made his followers believe that the holders of the Göerli ETH token could make some profit through faucets. They could think that would be so because Göerli is a network available for free.

Due to rumors that emerged on social networks shortly after that, Cronje had to clear the situation. He explained that it was just a mockery of side chains (L1) pretending to be second layers (L2).

Cronje agrees with StarkWare CEO Uri Kolodny that Polygon presents itself as a second layer of Ethereum. Since it must protect its accounting, it is actually in a layer-1 status, said Cronje. He has the same opinion about self-protecting testnets, as is the case with Göerli.

As it is a sidechain, it works with its security system, unlike the rollups on Ethereum or the Lightning Network on Bitcoin (BTC). In those cases, security depends on mining since a rollup relies on the grouping into one of the various transactions on the Ethereum network.

Reactions on Social Networks About Cronje’s Mockery of Polygon

Cronje’s comments prompted many Twitter users to react. Some of them showed their annoyance, while others joked that they would now become millionaires.

Twitter user Andrew Redden expressed his dismay over what he had just read. Another one who reacted was Mudit Gupta, lead developer of SushiSwap and creator of a Göerli ETH (GoETH) faucet.

Gupta said he was against turning Göerli into something other than a testnet. He believes that would create a market for GoETH and give it value, making it difficult to get it for actual testing. For that reason, the developer believes that Cronje should have launched a new production network instead.

Controversies Around Cronje’s Behavior

The developer of YFI has engaged in other controversial situations like this one in the past.

Last year, a group from the DeFi community was planning to sue Cronje. He allegedly participated in promoting an incomplete DeFi project that proved to be to be a disaster. They accused Cronje and three other people of promoting an experimental DeFi project and a token with no real value through Twitter.

It is not the first time someone has aroused confusion about cryptocurrencies or exchanges due to their comments on Twitter. Some have criticized the security or transparency of crypto assets, leading their prices to drop dramatically. The most emblematic case was Elon Musk, who said that Bitcoin mining harmed the environment.

By Alexander Salazar


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