The implementation of blockchain technology in the management and control of personnel selection could be very useful in different aspects. There are some proyects about this topic

In many fields of commercial and financial life, the most recent technological advances have been used to simplify and improve processes that were previously completely difficult and cumbersome. The significant use and advances of blockchain technology have led to a large number of significant changes in all scenarios of common life, but more firmly in professional and commercial life.

In this sense, tools based on these new digital technologies have been developed to optimize administrative processes such as the selection of professional personnel and human talent for companies. This happens due to the constant change, growth or depreciation of national and multinational companies that must hire personnel almost constantly in the changing commercial world. Regarding said cases, the use of blockchain technology could be a very effective and safe solution.

Bockchain technology could be very useful for the talent selection process that companies perform before hiring staff. This would make it easier to check references of candidates, verify credentials, certify personal data and even create and / or update contracts, among many other activities that can transform the forms of recruitment of personnel in companies.

Regarding this matter, these new technologies would allow exchanging information only between two parties, without the need to use intermediaries safely and quickly. Additionally, said technologies also generate a much more reliable system and at lower cost. According to a study about the use of blockchain technology in the workplace, CompTIA found that 51% of people who currently use blockchain technology seek to verify data of digital identities.

On the other hand, this digital technology can be used to update professional contracts, through the use of so-called smart contracts; this could be the most useful application for the area of ​​Human Resources. “The ability to activate and deactivate a contract with a particular employee and the possibility of defining the conditions in advance can be very attractive actions for workers, but also for the company”, says Gareth Brown, Senior Director of the consulting department of the company sector of new technology in Deloitte.

Brown also says that blockchain technology can also be used for payroll, but that this idea is still under development and it is too early to incorporate the approach to this aspect. “It’s probably a bit far away but there are already examples based on the premise that the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market is stable enough to use these currencies for payroll. In the long term, if those markets stabilize, I imagine we’ll see more payroll systems based on blockchain technology”.

Despite all the possible advantages and benefits of moving the old systems of selection and registration to new digital technologies, the company must be completely sure that it wants to implement these solutions to business platforms.

This is what Jacky Carter, Director of Group Digital Engagement at Hays, a leading professional recruitment company, says. “We would have to be 100% satisfied that the system is stable and secure, the lives and identities of the people are at stake. For the moment, we try to follow technology closely as it evolves, understand how it works, assess its reliability and see how it could affect our world”.

By María Victoria Rodríguez


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