The United States Army hopes to continue strengthening the use of blockchain technology in its operations in the coming years, according to some military sources and Simba Chain CEO, Joel Neidig.

As part of a direct security action, the Naval Air Warfare Center, based in California, which belongs to the United States Navy research group, has approved an investment of close to 10 million dollars so that the startup Simba Chain can create blockchain software to establish an encrypted messaging platform that helps keep military information secure.

During an interview with Simba Chain CEO, Joel Neidig, the system will be operational as soon as possible and will also have a set of updates that will improve the software for some years. “The platform will be operational this year, with continuous updates over the next 4 years”, Neidig detailed.

On the other hand, the news was initially revealed by the United States Navy, when last February 6th a press release announced that the Navy would have contacted Simba Chain to develop a platform capable of ensuring communication for the entire Department of Defense using blockchain technology.

According to data provided by the Naval Air Warfare Center, the military authority directly invested the sum of $ 9.5 million to Simba Chain to start the project as stated in the Small Business Innovation Research agreement, in Phase III, and that will last approximately 5 years.

According to this phase, Neidig mentioned that “this is the first of many contracts. We will announce the next contracts later in the spring”.

It is not the first time that Simba Chain works with military agencies in the United States. The company would have worked in mid-2019 with a blockchain-based solution to facilitate administrative work in the supply chain of the US Air Force.

Besides, Simba Chain also collaborated with the creation of the current Department of Defense platform, supporting the development of the communication system using the blockchain. According to the press report, this would be the third phase of the objectives with the military sector.

The Solution

The communication platform that has been created by this startup will facilitate secure communications between land and water platforms.

“This is a victory not only for SIMBA and our partners but also for the Department of Defense, which has pursued a unique approach, a solution to carry out sensitive and critical operations for the mission in a way that is immutable and irrefutable. We plan to deliver a ‘bulletproof’ platform that meets all objectives”, Neidig explained in the interview.

The United States Army has seen with great interest in the development of communication solutions using blockchain technology, due to the low cost of this technology and the high quality and safety it offers.

In this way, blockchain technology would operate in an important military entity of the United States, achieving more spaces in different industries, and showing the benefits it can contribute with.

By María Rodríguez


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