It is expected that the government, in its different agencies and institutions, will continue to approve resources that are destined for the research and use of blockchain technology and cryptoactives

On January 7th, it was announced that the US Department of Energy approved the financing of 4.8 million dollars for some universities in the country that are developing technology oriented to the generation of solutions based on fossil energy and blockchain technology, which may be related to advances in energy.

The financing was granted through the Fossil Energy Office of the Department of Energy under the government project called “Training and Research for Universities”, which seeks to develop and promote the country’s technological growth while protecting the environment to avoid contamination.

Among the main objectives that drive these initiatives, is to strengthen the technological and scientific advances related to the development of technologies that can reduce the use of conventional energies. Also decrease energy costs in domestic markets and strengthen current technology in the coal industry.

According to spokesmen of the US Department of Energy, the intention is to invest in these new technologies, especially in the blockchain technology, in order to improve the internal processes of the energy industry to get better results. For this reason, they commented that they seek to “ensure the process of sending information and the flow of information within distributed networks for the generation of systems based on fossil fuels”.

However, the investment is aimed at other large potential projects that are not necessarily related to blockchain technology. Among them, we can explore other areas such as advanced computational ones for work in coal plants, better results analysis techniques, development of other processes for the reuse and purification of water, among other physical and biological investigations.

In addition, the Department of Energy said that economic allocations would continue to promote the creation of new projects that help replace the use of fossil energy, such as oil, by more friendly energy sources, as it is the intention.

Blockchain, ​​Technology of the Future

Among the most important projects developed by the United States are LO3 Energy, a startup with great potential to reform, generate, store, sell and buy energy, using blockchain technology.

Another great project is WePower (WPR), which also uses blockchain to generate sustainable energy, in order to restrict the use of conventional energy. The intention is to bring together people who produce green energy with consumers of domestic energy, and generate mechanisms to commercialize this energy for American households.

The United States is committed to the potential of blockchain technology, which is why research projects have been formed in recent years, creating groups to study cryptocurrencies and even approving laws that support its use.

The United States of America is the country that most uses this technology and projects the highest traffic of commercial transactions with cryptocurrencies globally. As well as the one that greater investment and governmental support has had for its growth at present.

By María Rodríguez


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