The Director of Innovation said that the proof of concept carried out by the department was successful. Participants called the activity as the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

During the inauguration of the first BOB Alastria-ECO-Blockchain Day, it was announced that the Island Council of Tenerife would have participated through its innovation department.

José Clemente Díaz, who is its Director, mentioned that they take into account the use of blockchain technology as a concrete way to improve public management and optimize administrative processes.

These ecosystems based on Alastria were presented by many of the companies related to the sector that seek to publicize their advantages and give as an example the use of the blockchain for all the companies of the Canary Islands that want to adopt them.

In this way, the highest institutional body in Tenerife confirmed that until now they have already conducted some of the most important tests for the use of this technology in their administration. Some of the companies that joined the conference were: EdoSoft, Open Canarias, Open Data and Blockchain together with Alastria, Canarias Cluster Technology Excellence and Cajasiete.

The BOB or the Alastria-ECO-Blockchain Day was part of the 1st Blockchain Day held in Tenerife and throughout Gran Canaria during December 11th and 12th.

During the day, many of the most important representatives of the sector commented on their ideas and opinions about blockchain technology, as well as suggested solutions to current and future problems for this technology. In fact, most of the actors decided to call this technological movement the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Clemente Díaz also commented that blockchain technology is much more than a technology. He added that using Internet of Value could open a new world of possibilities that was previously unimaginable and that it can be a reality that would help millions of people all over the world.

Diaz decided to emphasize the benefits and the importance of adopting these technologies to expand the financial development of companies and nations, as well as to open a new world market that could be intertwined with a blockchain platform.

“Almost every day we hear about innovation, its importance in economic development, especially in the case of an island, where diversifying the economy is essential for the development as an element of wealth creation”.

In addition, Clemente Díaz said that his innovation department in the Island Council of Tenerife is committed to innovative and disruptive technologies such as blockchain. During his speech, he also took the opportunity to announce that the proof of concept carried out by his department turned out to be a success, although he did not provide details on the results.

Blockchain ​​Projects for The Canary Islands

During the day, the companies that were present used the occasion to offer support if necessary and shared their experiences in the installation of blockchain technologies in their companies.

The development of this meeting shows that the movement of blockchain technology has had a strong impact on Tenerife, as it is the case of Triple O Games, a video game that converts the points acquired in the game and transforms them into real money. This example is a local reference in the use of blockchain and has been praised by crypto companies throughout the Canary Islands.

About the video game designed by Triple O Games, it is expected to have similar updates in the future, as the company considers the creation of a complete tokenization system where players can sell, auction, buy, change or even donate digital assets collected in the game. In addition to being rewarded with tokens, other digital currencies or fiat money.

In another sense, the online educational platform Tutellus, which is specialized in tokenization and blockchain technology, recently announced the activation of its Bootcamp, which would take place next January in all the Canary Islands. This project is possible thanks to the support of the entire center of businesses. The idea is connecting companies that seek to innovate technologically in the future. This program was also presented during the BOB Day of Alastria.

By María Rodríguez


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