The event will seek to capture the attention of local media if the number of donations reaches high numbers.

It is commonly known that a triathlon is one of the most demanding sports events among athletic disciplines. Showing strength, endurance and tenacity is vital because participants must swim, cycle and run around the 48 km, depending on the intensity of the event.

Many times these events tend to be not only a sporting party, but also an amount may be destined to a charity or in support of a particular ideal. In this case, the first triathlon in support of the adoption of cryptocurrencies will take place in Europe.

The main goal of the event is to spend the most Bitcoin (BTC), and thus promote the use of cryptocurrencies and defend the so-called “cypherpunk manifesto”. This agreement proposes a mayor strengthening the fundamental rights of human beings, freedom of privacy, freedom of information and expression, and economic freedoms, which well composes the autonomy of all to be able to conduct the commercial transactions that users prefer and how they prefer.

The name of this triathlon is Satoshi Freeathlon, and it will take place during four days, from August 24th to 27th of the current year. It will include the participation of seven athletes who will do their best to travel about 357 kilometers away and take a tour in some countries in Europe.

It is expected to start in the city of Zug, in Switzerland, and finish in Germany, specifically, in the city of Munich. The event will seek to raise awareness about the use of Bitcoin and the decentralization of finances, as well as defend the importance of decision power in the economic field.

Initially, the idea came when the famous businessman Vitus Zeller, presented a journey of around 1000 kilometers through the Swiss Alps. This, in order to get the attention of the media to boost the use of Bitcoin.

In this way, the tour “Satoshi” initiative emerged as a tour from Florence, Italy, to Frankfurt, Germany. From the beginning of this tour, Vitus Zeller was challenged to cancel each hotel with the cryptocurrency. “I explored 50 hotels and could only pay for the stay with cryptocurrency in seven of them… I am sure that I called attention and that each person in those hotels talked about what I was doing”, Vitus Zeller said.

After that first attempt was completed, Zeller has decided to continue along the same line and summon to the first Satoshi Freeathlon. “I decided to continue, because the Satoshi tour was well perceived and I got very good feedback”.

Zeller will participate with six other athletes in this triathlon, in which he will test his physical and mental skills. It is known that he will have one more difficulty since, during the event, participants must pass a Lightning torch.

They hope that this will increase the collection of donations in cryptocurrencies and that in turn will attract even more attention from local and international people, and local media in order to boost the use of cryptocurrencies.

By María Rodríguez


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