A Twitter user claimed to have seen a Bitcoin ATM at the Tesla Gigafactory, but billionaire Elon Musk doesn’t seem very much on board with the claim.

The nature of the Twitter network – seems to be in full swing now regarding an alleged BItcoin ATM that a user claimed that billionaire Elon Musk had at the Gigafactory, Tesla’s huge lithium-ion battery factory, located in Nevada, USA

The first person to make the claim was Twitter user Will Reeves, who posted yesterday that “he had just passed by and saw that @elonmusk has a Bitcoin ATM at the Gigafactory.”

After this, the Finbold medium confirmed that the LibertyX company installed the ATM in August of this year solely for the use of factory employees.

Bitcoin ATM cash machine at Tesla factory

Some media reporters approached Tesla for confirmation, but had not received a response. However, this outlet says that Reeves’ sighting was apparently confirmed by Bitcoin ATM operator LibertyX in a direct message, which read: “We have enabled 3 traditional ATMs inside so that employees can use their debit cards and buy bitcoins ”.

LibertyX claims to have more than 5,000 crypto ATMs in operation in the US as well as a bitcoin buying service in around 20,000 stores.

Recent scandal about a scam using Elon musk’s name.

About $ 2 million has been stolen in the name of Elon Musk. A scam on YouTube has used customizable bitcoin addresses – known as vanity addresses – to steal, usurping the identity of South African businessman Elon Musk.

The scam happens and works, during live broadcasts on YouTube, users are led to believe that Elon Musk is giving away around 5,000 bitcoins. Users must send their bitcoins to the wallet address that has Musk’s name, and then receive double the amount sent. Which is a  total lie.

Scammers use bitcoin vanity addresses that allow the user who creates them to incorporate a custom word into the address itself. For example, with this system, a scammer can use an address that says “1ELonMUsKZzpVr5Xok8abiXhhqGbdrnK5C”. This can lend credibility in the eyes of unsuspecting network users.

Making dogecoin move through twitter

Earlier, a Twitter user asked him: “Where are my bitcoins, Musk?”, A wink that was related to the recent massive attack on accounts on the social network. Then Musk replied, “Sorry, I’m only selling Doge.” He then sent another tweet  once morereferencing Dogecoin.

With his 37 million followers, every time he tweets about DOGE, Musk manages to turn Twitter into the engine that drives the price of cryptocurrency.

Their messages have hundreds of comments and are also used by some to create new memes that go viral and are added to a small storm of tweets. This is how immediately, among the users of the social network, the fear of missing the rise or FOMO arises that ends up boosting the value of the asset.

By: Jenson Nuñez


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