Garry Kasparov is known as the best chess player of all time. This champion has expressed his optimism about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Legendary chess player Garry Kasparov has stated that he sees Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a model of democratization, which can significantly help society.

For those who do not know him, Kasparov is a Russian chess grandmaster, politician, and writer. In this sense, he was World Chess Champion for 15 years between 1985 and 2000. For that reason, connoisseurs of this sport consider him one of the best players of all time.

Furthermore, many know him because he faced the IBM “Deep Blue” supercomputer in 1997.

BTC and Blockchain Are Part of the Solution

Last July, legendary chess player Kasparov highlighted the potential that he sees in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

It is important to know that Kasparov has become an advocate for human rights, digital freedoms, and the renewal of democratic freedoms.

For this reason, under this line of thought, Kasparov considers that Bitcoin gives people greater control over their money, which “the State, corporations or external parties” usually regulate.

He invites to keep in mind that the issue of inflation and its consequences is currently in full swing. He says that the reason for this is that many experts seem to say that it is right around the corner.

In this way, Kasparov notes that what most attracts him to Bitcoin is “the magic number 21 million.” That is the total number of units that the network will issue, as mathematics prove. Meanwhile, the US government “could print another billion dollars.”

Likewise, the chess champion added that “they create all this money, and 85% go to the stock market.” In other words, he says that “it does not find its way to the real economy, basically underpinning the stock market.” He believes that this will lead to the formation of “another great bubble.”

For that reason, according to the legendary chess player, Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are “natural options” for protection against privacy and human rights violations.

He said that he considers “that the constant increase in popularity of the concept of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is inevitable.” The reason is that they are “the response to the change of power from individuals to the States”.

A Long Way to Go

Believing in the potential of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and blockchain technology does not mean blindly following them. For that reason, even though Kasparov was very positive about them, he also mentioned the problems that stem from them.

He noted that people now hear “a lot about the potential disadvantages of cryptocurrencies as they can help criminals steal money.”

However, he also stated that “those fears are overrated.”

To conclude, users should be aware that Bitcoin is not responsible for the crimes that criminals commit. The first cryptocurrency has repeatedly shown that it is the best option for investors.

By Alexander Salazar


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