The Blockchain Game Alliance highlights that some important projects involving both industries could emerge later this year.

The video game industry could present an increase in the use of technologies such as blockchain during this year. Some experts highlight that video games represent one of the most lucrative industries in the world. This year, the video game industry could experience a significant change by incorporating innovative methods such as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), or blockchain networks.

The Blockchain Game Alliance, a consortium dedicated to the use of this technology in video games, issued a press release to give more details about the project. In the publication, the group explains that there are important projects in this area that could be ready later this year.

Some of these projects establish that the Blockchain Game Alliance should participate in presentations, events, and exhibitions within the crypto industry. Also, the alliance should promote the creation of unique networks for video games, as well as facilitate the development of usage standards between both industries.

Besides, the alliance emphasized the importance of adopting blockchain technology. The idea is to help video game players and encourage positive initiatives for users through blockchain technology.

Using Blockchain Technology in Video Games

Some companies are working together to adopt both technologies, despite the global limitations that may arise during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this way, blockchain technology could benefit companies and video game users.

More than 90 companies are working to adopt technologies such as DLT in video games and vice versa. Among the companies that stand out are ConsenSys, Ubisoft, AMD, Sandbox, and many others.

Sébastien Borget, President of the Blockchain Game Alliance, talked about other plans that the alliance has. He assured that this set of associations would benefit both industries.

In this way, the Blockchain Game Alliance plans to incorporate all the members of both blockchain and video game industries at a central level where they can promote future projects. He stressed that the mission of this plan would be adding large and small companies in this scenario.

Borget added that it is important to take into account all those involved in both industries. In this way, it would be possible to strengthen their evolution. “I firmly believe in aligning the interests of gamers, creators, and developers of video games. We must continue to encourage truths owned by players and creators through the inclusion of the blockchain industry (…) We must be stronger as games with blockchain advance”.

The Blockchain Game Alliance began operating with just 8 members since the end of 2018. It currently has more than 90 companies from both industries. These companies have shared projects that help adapt technologies such as DLT in video games.

Anne Puck, associate manager of Ubisoft, talked about the importance of blockchain technology during an interview in 2018. Ubisoft is a company linked to the Blockchain Game Alliance.

Puck considered that blockchain technology could be very important for the video game industry. “Blockchain has the potential to transform the gaming experience by offering players new benefits and an unprecedented level of participation”.

Every year, the video game industry can generate more than 130,000 million dollars. This amount of money is what makes the video game industry one of the most lucrative ones in the world. Blockchain technology could help attract more users to this entertainment industry.

By María Rodríguez


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