Telegram has more than 200 million active users per month, which is why this project is expected to be very successful

This week, the founder of the global messaging application Telegram, Pavel Durov, announced that the launch of the platform’s token, which will be called TON (Telegram Open Network), is near. Durov commented that the launch is planned for March of this year.

However, the date is not yet fully defined, but it is estimated to occur between March and June of this year. According to the route map published on the official Telegram website, the launch of the mainnet (the special chain of blocks which exchanges cryptocurrencies between users), the token, and its related services would be for the second quarter of this year, so that TON would be available between March and June.

TON is one of the services offered by the mainnet. It is a platform for third-party services that will enable friendly interfaces in smartphones for decentralized applications and smart contracts, so that in this way more and more people are encouraged to enter the world of cryptoactive and blockchain technology.

Knowing its Characteristics

TON payments is a platform for micropayments which seeks to facilitate the realization of instant money transfers between bots of users and other services without having to enter a different blockchain platform.

Telegram ensures its platform is designed so that transactions are as safe as those that would be made within the blockchain.

The official information indicates that there will be the TON blockchain, which will offer a master chain and the power of 92 block chains. One of its most outstanding features is that it will have a protocol called Infinite Sharding Paradigm, in order to achieve scalability.

In this way, the block of chains related to TON claim to be able to “automatically divide and merge to adapt to load changes”, according to Telegram on its web portal.

The official website states that “this would mean that the new blocks are generated quickly and the absence of long lines helps keep transaction costs low, even if some of the services that use the platform become massively popular”.

The Benefits

Thanks to this protocol and to the Instant Hypercube Routing, designed so that the chain of blocks can maintain the maximum speed, and the Byzantine Fault Tolerantant, which increases the speed and efficiency of the chain, Telegram could create a blockchain able to realize a number of high quality transactions, which would allow users to make about 1 million transactions per second.

Last year, Telegram broke a record by reaching close to 1.7 million US dollars in its ICO, which was divided into two (2) rounds of financing. The main purpose of the money received was to finance the development of the mainnet, the token and improve the platform.

Telegram has approximately 200 million active users per month, so it is ranked as one of the 10 most popular instant messaging applications in the world. In the coming months we will observe the acceptance and adoption of the crypto-mining community and the regulars users of this messaging platform.

By María Rodríguez


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