According to the company, the price of watches will go from $ 102,000 to $ 153,000, depending on the model and its characteristics

The company A. Favre & Fils, of Swiss origin, announced it will launch a new watch that will have a wallet capable of storing and managing cryptocurrencies. This was announced on January 10th through the official website of the luxury watch manufacturer.

Swiss manufacturers said that the creation of the watch is based on the continued growth of the cryptocurrency market in the world and ensured that the team is in line with the new times. They cataloged the integrated device as a “cold wallet” for cryptoactives and that offers “last generation patented security solution” with the most advanced blockchain technology.

Referring to the security offered by the watch’s built-in wallet, A. Favre & Fils, commented that the company “will guarantee the ultimate in data security and privacy protection.”

In the statement of this company details more information about the piece of watchmaking, the creators of this product claim to be very excited about the progress and be pioneers in adopting the latest in cryptotechnology with its products. “We have developed this first watch with the idea of ​​offering something useful to the cryptographic community, not just something they can spend their money on”.

About the piece of watchmaking, it was commented that they only manufacture high quality pieces with secrets and experiences of ten generations. “The base of the device is a very fine watch, finished by hand and equipped with an internal mechanical movement of manual winding”, they explained.

The model that will go on sale next quarter of this year will have the latest in blockchain technology for its security. The wallet selected has not yet been defined, neither on what platform it will be supported, but it is believed that it will support the most common cryptocurrencies.

Laurent Favre, CEO of the company A. Favre & Fils, expressed his personal emotion by including this new watch for the Swiss market, which he hopes will cause a great impact. He added they will have different models that will go on the market continuously throughout the year and that each piece includes a fine development that is being evaluated by a series of experts from around the world, among which Oliver Bussmann, former CIO of UBS and SAP, mentioned to Stephen Urquhart, former CEO of Omega (another Swiss luxury watch company), and other influential personalities from the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Recognized company

The company A. Favre & Fils is a luxury watch manufacturer with more than 300 years of experience and uninterrupted growth. Its headquarters is located in Carouge, in the town of Canton of Geneva, in Switzerland. The birth of the company dates back to 1718, when there was an agreement between Abraham Favre and a master watchmaker named Daniel Gagnebin. The idea was to merge their knowledge about watches and preserve them from generation to generation. Over time the brand that is known today as A.Favre & Fils was developed.

Most of the pieces of watchmaking are handcrafted elaborations, in which a large part includes pieces made of white or pink 18k gold.

By María Rodríguez


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