Company executives announced they were satisfied with the results of the pilot test of the blockchain system that they were developing.

Unilever, one of the world’s largest home products companies, recently announced that they have concluded the pilot tests they were conducting on their blockchain project. The main objective of said idea is to use this technology for the purchase of advertising spaces on the web.

The renowned producer of the so-called “high turnover consumer goods FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)” announced the successful closure of the blockchain project tests using as voice an interview issued by the Campaign advertising medium. Luis Di, who is the Executive Vice President of Media for the company, was in charge of giving the announcement; in addition to offering important details about the test results and what the company is looking for with this innovative tool.

Thus, during the interview, the Vice President of Media of the company commented that during the local test of the project, it was possible to save money in the search and acquisition of the separated spaces for digital advertising. In this way, it was defined, without mishaps, that advertisers confirm the sale of the space by contract.

Thus, Luis Di added, at the conclusion, that it has been a success and that there were no inconveniences in the entire advertising investment plan.

With respect to other details, Unilever has conducted other projects using blockchain technology. In this way, it hopes to continue having solutions that help reduce costs. Similarly, he has worked “hand in hand” with IBM to develop and create these solutions in the same fashion.

According to information provided by Michelle Peluso, Director of Marketing at IBM, after the implementation of these tools, Unilever has managed to lower its expenses, reaching record savings of up to three percentage points.

Unilever Betting On Blockchain ​​Technology

With a vision of the future focused on the development of new technologies, Unilever has managed to be one of the most powerful companies that have had a direct alliance with the new blockchain course that IBM has taken.

With this important example, other large global companies have considered following their technological steps and using blockchain in projects that help save money and improve processes.

Companies like Mc. Donald’s and Nestlé are evaluating the use of solutions such as this one to increase transparency in the purchase of advertisements, something that has been considered as a complex challenge, defining the purchase of advertisements online.

After the success of the pilot test of its blockchain solution, Unilever already considers expanding the range of use of the tool. They assure to continue increasing the range of spaces as they evaluate the different markets. Luis Di complemented this idea by adding that “This does not go for the last brilliant tool. We are reviewing our rules and our principles to build trust again and have full transparency in all our operations”.

IBM has become one of the main blockchain sponsoring companies for conventional companies of different types. Its alliance with Unilever and with other important companies will help to continue to increase confidence in crypto technology and solutions of this nature.

By María Rodríguez


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