The Dogecoin team said their last goodbye to the developer and invited the community to keep alive the flame of her legacy. The latter highlighted at the time that Elon Musk is only playing with DOGE through his social networks.

The Dogecoin team extended their last goodbye to the developer and invited the community to keep their legacy alive. Sporklin clarified before passing away that Elon Musk is only playing with DOGE through the internet.

Billy Marcus, the creator of the Dogecoin (DOGE) protocol, informed the community of followers of the digital currency about the death of the leading developer of the project, who knew under the alias of Sporklin.

Dogecoin Team Say Goodbye to Sporklin

Marcus gave the bad news through his Twitter account, on which he published a farewell message where he informed the community about the unfortunate event. In this regard, he indicated that Sporklin was battling a very aggressive cancer she suffered. Unfortunately, she passed away on April 24, and her legacy and efforts will always be present both in the Dogecoin community and in the cryptocurrency environment.

In addition to thanking Sporklin for her efforts and contributions, Marcus invited all those interested in keeping her memory alive on behalf of the team, whether by donating to cancer foundations, making memes or simply keeping in mind all the work the developer did for Dogecoin.

However, Sporklin’s health problems worsened, and although she went through a series of radiation therapy and chemotherapy, she sadly lost the battle with cancer a few days ago.

 Sporklin Thoughts about Elon Musk and Dogecoin

In the framework of Sporklin’s departure, various media and communities have echoed her contributions, comments and most essential collaborations within the Dogecoin ecosystem. But one of the most relevant events was precisely her statements concerning the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, who currently figures as one of the most reputed enthusiasts and influencers for the digital currency, and which has been constantly sharing a lot of memes and info regarding DOGE.

At the time, speaking in detail about the weight of Musk’s statements and the commercial evolution of the digital currency, Sporklin indicated that the businessman “has nothing to do with Dogecoin”, something in which he was very emphatic in the original statement.

There Sporklin said that Musk was only playing with Dogecoin on social media, so his statements should not be worthy. She also added that although Musk’s tweets had a significant effect on the price of the digital currency, he did not hold any position within the project, so his ideas or projections did not represent the DOGE’s goals.

Finally, in said statement, Sporklin invited Dogecoin enthusiasts to see the project beyond the price of its digital currency, as this was more of a decentralized software project.

By: Jenson Nuñez


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