In a “secret chamber”, as the best style of magic stories, information can be stored safely thanks to blockchain technology

In Spain, blockchain developments continue; this is a tool that will work not only to make transactions with cryptocurrencies, but also to help preserve the environment and now even store a memory.

A Spanish company is working on a project that would allow, for example, a father to store memories for his children or grandchildren. In this way, they will be able to see the memory when they grow up.

In this way, blockchain technology platforms would allow storing a memory and protecting it. Then, it will be delivered with guarantees to the person indicated.

The company in charge of the idea is Astroland, an establishment that emulates what would be a stay on Mars inside the cavity of a large cave in Cantabria. This stay has a cost of 6,000 euros for those who wish to have the experience of “living” three days as if they were on the red planet.

Saving memories might not be so difficult. The key is to store them so that they are not damaged, that they remain safe and that only those who are authorized have access.

“The memory would be a graphic document, a video, a text. We want those who wish to preserve a memory to store their creation in a capsule that we would store in an armored box inside an unknown place”, explains David Ceballos, CEO of Astroland.

The “Secret Chamber”

Combining the idea of ​​the route in the cave and the storage of memories, the armored box would fit inside a high mountain cave, in a place without cartography, like a “secret chamber”, in the style of magical tales and to keep the capsules well protected.

When the time comes for the memory to be delivered to its recipient, Astroland professionals would enter the secret chamber, take the capsule and deliver it to its owner.

The recipient would get access to it with the protection offered by blockchain technology. He and only he would receive the message unchanged thanks to blockchain platforms.

A Trip to Mars

On its website, Astroland is presented as the first interplanetary agency born in Spain. “We test new technologies and develop skills to live in the hostile environment of the red planet”, according to the presentation.

Astroland organizes “missions” to Mars from a cave in the mountains of Cantabria, where conditions similar to those of that planet are created.

Within the 34 kilometers of natural tunnels, the company created a base camp where customers sleep and live a different experience. In addition, they walk through the caves using their spacesuits.

Why in Mountains?

If a special mission travels to Mars, astronauts would have to live in caves as long as they are on the red planet, due to the radiation it emits. Thus, a round trip from Earth to Mars would last one year, six months the trip to arrive to Mars and six more to return.

Astroland has collaborated with the European Space Agency (ESA) and hopes to do the same with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). It is estimated that a real trip to Mars would be feasible by 2030, if previous technology and tests allow it.

By María Rodríguez


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