The organizations will participate in the challenge “3 million SAT” to raise EUR 1,500. The funds will be destined to UNICEF Spain as a contribution in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nine blockchain communities from Spain will compete in the next solidarity challenge “3 million SAT,” which is aimed at raising at least 1,500 EUR to contribute to the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. The benefit event will be held on Friday, May 25th, and will extend for 24 more hours on the Watafan collectibles platform.

The organizations that will participate are EthicHub, Floc, Crypto Birds, Tutellus, Agora, Non-Central Conf, Bitcobie, Bit2Me, and Blockchain España. Each of these communities will present a collectible card or “watacard,” which will then be raffled among the participants. The enthusiasts will have to contribute five watacoins —equivalent to 5 EUR— to have an option to win and receive the prize in their wallet.

The “solidarity battle” will be accredited to that organization based on the blockchain that has recorded the largest number of participants, while the raised funds will go to UNICEF Spain. Each card will be raffled among the participants of each community specifically. The same user can register in multiple raffles if he or she so wishes.

Spanish communities from the blockchain sector will compete with their best “watacards” during 24 hours. The winner will be the community with the largest number of participants in its raffle. The total amount of the money raised will be destined to the fight against the COVID-19 disease; this is according the site

To participate in the event, the enthusiasts only have to enter their Watafan account and access the link “Participar” (“Participate”). Once being registered, the seed words will be generated, in the case of being a new user. When the participant is on the home page, he or she has to click the icon of the bell to go to the list of the raffles. Of course, they have to remember that the account should have available funds to register in the competition.

The challenge is framed within the third Bitcoin halving, and so the collectible cards will make mention of the event in their designs. The “solidarity battle” will run on the RSK network, an Argentine smart contract project on the Bitcoin network, which serves as a support for Watafan.

The application is a platform of collectible “digital autographs” that has been awarded in the past. It was born so that soccer stars, and other celebrities, can create their collectible cards and receive an incentive for copyright ownership.

Last January 31st, 2020 UNICEF had awarded the project and would advise it to obtain private financing. The Spanish League itself has also awarded the project. In September of last year, they included it on the acceleration list.

The pandemic due to the coronavirus has already reached more than four million infections worldwide, and a balance of more than 284,000 dead people. There is not a vaccine against the COVID-19 disease, and the current epicenter of the pandemic is the USA.

By Alexander Salazar


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