After the successful Demo-2 mission, the company took the first step toward colonizing Mars. Elon Musk believes that a decentralized system should govern life on the red planet.

Last May 30th, humanity took a giant step toward the beginning of a new era. With the launch of their first manned flight, the private company SpaceX opened the door to commercial space flights. In this way, it demonstrates that it is moving toward consolidating its future plans, in which it is possible to determine that Bitcoin fits perfectly.

It is nearly a decade after the US Government withdrew its historic space shuttle program. Two astronauts departed from the same Florida launchpad that served for the Apollo missions and space shuttles. This time, the rocket and the capsule that took them out of the atmosphere were not built or operated by NASA, but by SpaceX. This company was founded by multimillionaire Elon Musk, who is pursuing his dream to colonize Mars.

Musk surprised the world by selecting a quixotic project as the focus of his new wealth: developing a greenhouse on Mars. Humanity sees this idea as being more possible than ever, not only for the successful departure of a manned commercial flight but also for the arrival of astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnkhen on the International Space Station (ISS) after a successful docking of the capsule Crew Dragon, last March 31st.

The “Demo-2” mission ends the government’s monopoly on space travel and, as a final test, allows NASA to certify the capsule to conduct regular manned missions from now on.

Titanic Task of Colonizing Mars

Some time ago, Elon Musk revealed details of his plans for Mars. The CEO of SpaceX said that 1,000 spacecraft and “one million tons” of vitamin C will be needed for life on Mars to be sustainable and not to die slowly and painfully. He explained that it is necessary to have a self-sufficient city to be able to live on the red planet.

Even though refueling ships stop coming from the earth, a city on Mars has to survive. To make something self-sufficient, it is important to have all the ingredients. Musk said that future colonizers on Mars cannot say life is self-sufficient despite some little things that they do not have.

The CEO of SpaceX compared life on Mars to a long sea voyage: “That would be like saying: Well, we had everything except vitamin C. Now you will have scurvy and will die. You are going to die slowly and painfully from lack of vitamin C.” He explained that they have to ensure that they have vitamin C on Mars.

According to its official website, SpaceX plans to send an unmanned rocket to Mars in 2022. They will conduct a second mission, which will be loaded and crewed, by 2024. Musk has also said that they will send a million people to Mars by 2050.

Bitcoin Is from Another Planet

The plans revealed by Elon Musk lead to think that Bitcoin is the perfect system that fits on Mars. The CEO of SpaceX visualizes future colonizers of Mars living under a decentralized system. It will be like direct democracy, where citizens can make their own decisions, independently on centralized entities.

Technology is growing exponentially and forms of cryptoanarchy are taking humanity to a new level of freedom. Today there is software that encrypts people’s conversations protecting them from the curious eyes of governments. There is Bitcoin that decentralizes our money, allowing citizens to manage their funds and make their own decisions, away from government decisions on the infinite issuance of assets.

By Alexander Salazar


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