The idea is to support six or eight projects which seek to generate a positive impact. This is the second edition

The organization Blockchain for Humanity (b4H) announced the winners of the second edition of the awards that bear the same name, created to promote blockchain projects that generate positive social change. The announcement took place during the LaBitconf 2018 event, which is celebrated in Santiago (Chile) from this December 5th.

Blockchain4Humanity is an international not-for-profit foundation that recognizes supports, receives donations and provides funding for organizations using blockchain technology to bring a positive change to humanity.

“We believe that responsibly designed blockchain solutions can unlock transformative change in society and improve the lives of billions of people worldwide. At the nexus of a blockchain revolution, we strive toward a socially inclusive positive sum game”.

The b4H awards were attended by about 40 entrepreneurs who develop projects based on cryptoactive technology: blockchain technology. From this group, 15 projects were nominated, which were evaluated by a panel of experts. On this occasion, the LaBitconf audience also participated to choose their favorite project to award a prize from the community.

In this second edition, three entrepreneurs won the “Dreamers” category, corresponding to projects in the early phase, that is, those that are beginning. Three others won the “Shapers” category, which corresponds to those that are already generating social impact.

The Winners

A group of young people from Frankfurt School, who developed an investment platform for social impact projects, are some of the people who won The Dreamer category.

The students of Frankfurt developed the startup called Crypto Development Fund (CDF), which allows international investors to finance companies with social impact in developing countries.

Simon Scholz, co-founder of the project, pointed out that the use of blockchain technology makes it possible to make money transfer to developing countries more efficient and faster. CDF also received the award given by the LaBitconf community.

Another winning startup is Cripto Concierge, an educational project to teach merchants and users to perform transactions with cryptocurrencies. One of the objectives of this group is to support the Venezuelan refugees who are on the border with Colombia.

The procedure of this plan is to provide training to the participants, who receive incentives in critical subjects, who can then spend their money on food and medicine in the businesses that take part in the project. The initial goal is to achieve 50% adoption between stores and users.

Waba Network is the name of the third awarded project, which is of Argentine origin. It is a startup that created two networks based on the blockchain. The first is called and allows facilitating sales and access to credits of 800 micro-SMEs. The second is Discoin, a payment network that allows La Plata citizens to buy locally in 40 stores.

The winners in the Dreamers category will receive financial support, guidance, and advice from the Decentralized Altruistic Community (DAC) b4H built on the Giveth platform to make the projects come true.

In the Shapers category, the winners were the Helperbit donation platform, the TYKN digital identity project, and the startup focused on social inclusion DIDI.

The b4H first edition was held in Bogotá, Colombia. The organization emerged in 2017 with the support of Blockchain4Goodrocks, Bitcoin Argentina and RSK Labs. The community is attentive to the date for the 2019 edition.

By María Rodríguez


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