About 4,051 cryptocurrency ATMs exist in the world. Almost all offer Bitcoin, Litecoin is in 2,421 devices and Ethereum in almost half of the machines

Although it has been a difficult year for cryptoactives, due to the strong fluctuations in their prices, the number of cryptocurrency ATMs around the world increased to more than 4,000. Regardless of their prices falling and then rising again to more than USD 4,000, the adoption of this decentralized digital money seems to be increasing.

Data Light, a crypto-analysis firm, is the entity that handles this data and revealed figures that show an upward trend in the installation of cryptocurrency ATMs during 2018, in different countries.

During the 365 days of the year that is almost over, each day an average of six cryptocurrency ATMs were installed in some part of the world. One of the main ingredients for the integration and adoption of cryptocurrencies is that they can be available in large quantities and more with the installation of this equipment.

One of the most interesting statistics offered by Data Light indicates that of the 4,051 cryptocurrency ATMs in the world, almost all them offer Bitcoin, whilst Litecoin is available in 2,421 and Ethereum is available in almost the half of the machines. Dash is found on at least 729 devices.

The Numbers

Other cryptocurrencies such as Zcash are in 67 ATM, Dogecoin in 79 and Monero in 128. All this shows that a higher adoption of cryptocurrencies does not only turn around the two or three main cryptocurrencies.

Most ATMs were installed in the first months of the year, when Bitcoin prices remained relatively high after the price rise in December 2017.

CoinATMRadar, another great source of information, shows on its map of cryptographic ATMs that it has listed 4,085 ATMs in 76 countries.

It details that there are 1,258 Bitcoin ATMs in the United States. More than 1,000 of them admit Bitcoin Cash. According to this website, there are 3,157 machines in North America. The United Kingdom has more than 200 machines, Central Europe reaches 750, South America 65 machines and Australia slightly behind South America with a total of 64 machines.

Buenos Aires is one of the Latin American capitals with the largest presence of Bitcoin ATMs (BATM). Only in 2018 this city received seven new devices.

Argentina is the fifth country in the South American region to have the largest number of ATMs. The BATM allows buying and selling from 100 to 37,000 Argentine pesos in exchange for bitcoins.

In case of buying BTC, the team prints a paper wallet, which contains the private key to access the purchased amount. Other machines offer the option to send the purchase code through text message or email.

Colombia, for its part, has a total of 27 BATM, Mexico and Panama have their respective 11 active BATMs and the Dominican Republic has eight of these devices in operation.

The installation of these ATMs for the purchase and sale of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies increased 9.6% globally from June to August 5th, 2018. This increase or demand proves, according to analysts of the issue, that more and more people are seeing cryptocurrencies as an alternative to fiduciary currency, which undoubtedly transforms and impacts the financial world known until now.

By María Rodríguez


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