Developer Charles Hoskinson clarifies that both updates are independent and that the responsible teams have progressed greatly with their development

Angel Di Matteo, a Clinical Psychologist interested in Bitcoin and the digital currency ecosystem, reports what Charles Hoskinson thinks about the Shelly and Goguen updates.

Cardano CEO and former co-founder of Ethereum, Charles Hoskinson, recently shared some interesting comments on the next update scheduled for the network, Goguen, which will improve the functionality of smart contracts.

Hoskinson shared these comments during a live interview on the Ivan on Tech YouTube channel, noting that Goguen is intended to be released sometime in 2019.

Properties of Goguen

Cardano analysts and enthusiasts say that Goguen constitutes one of the most important updates to the protocol once Shelley is implemented. According to information published in the roadmap of the network, one of the most important aspects of Goguen is the incorporation of a “next-generation virtual machine”, better known as IELE, which is specialized to execute in smart contracts.

Among the development team’s plans is also the implementation of a new “universal programming language framework”, which will be used as a central infrastructure for future technologies to be implemented in Cardano’s Blockchain.

The developers also affirm that this new technology is based on the “theory of the avant-garde programming language” and on formal methods, which aim to reinforce the security and reliability of the Blockchain network, closing the spaces against possible vulnerabilities.

Shelley and Goguen: Independent Developments

During the interview, Hoskinson shared important details about the plans contemplated to implement Goguen, noting that its launch is contemplated after Shelley is already operational in the network.

Despite the fact that one launch follows the other, Hoskinson stressed that the Shelley and Goguen progress lines are not exactly integrated, since they are updated by separate teams that work independently, using the original plans as a guide.

In this order of ideas, Hoskinson assured that the functionality for the smart contracts that Goguen brings can operate in either a centralized or decentralized system; hence, the update could begin to be implemented even if Shelley experiences some delays.

However, the founder of Cardano clarified that it would be best to implement these properties for smart contracts in a decentralized ecosystem, with the purpose of minimizing the weight that falls on the figures involved.

Improvements for Cardano in 2019

Making it clear that the updates could come at any time this year, Hoskinson assured that Shelley and Goguen will be released in 2019 and added:

“We are really almost ready for Goguen, so this year we will see the two launches and they will be improving as 2019 progresses.”

The CEO of Cardano also said that 2019 will be the year in which the network will undergo a great development:

“Year 2019 will close with a Cardano that is much more decentralized than Bitcoin, which will have smart contracts and many other things that people wait anxiously to see.”

The implementation of Shelly and Goguen updates this year will allow Cardano to become a more robust blockchain platform and, consequently, the confidence of its investors will increase.

By Willmen Blanco


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