Eyewallet’s users can save and avoid excessive expenses in commissions, making a single transaction to different wallets. The program will accept different cryptocurrencies

During the first months of 2019, the Eyewallet cryptocurrency portfolio, driven by the Eyeline Business and Dvelopment Group, will seek to facilitate the mass transfer of payments. This next year, it will incorporate a system for the sale per-to- per (P2P) within this application.

It will also have a new application-programming interface (API) that is simpler and easier to use, which will give its users the possibility of making massive payments to multiple addresses through a single operation. Up to a maximum of 2,500 wallets per transaction will be possible through this operation.

In this way, merchants can send and receive payments with cryptocurrencies from their electronic commerce. Wholesalers that have many customers can make their payments in a single operation and reduce commission expenses, paying only 0.4%.

Effective Solutions

EyeWallet will accept bitcoins (BTC), ether (ETH), Bitcoin cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC). A closed-source portfolio has a cold storage vault. It will allow secure transactions through encrypted connections, where customers can generate returns by storing BTC and obtain a 17% annual profit.

The storage in this vault works through smart contracts related to other services in cryptocurrency exchange houses such as Bitfinex or Bitmex.

Eyewallet has achieved acceptance in The United States and Latin America, especially in Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Chile. To promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies in more and more countries around the world, Eyeline Business and Development will implement its new service called EyePayCash, available to the public.

The objective of this product is to speed up the purchase process of cryptoactives, which is possible when the program starts issuing codes or pins to buy bitcoins (BTC) through gift cards.

In this way, the companies involved in the project will send these codes, so that people can acquire the bitcoins in exchange for a small fee. Forex will issue these cards in 2019, retail markets and the playground.

The users of this system will be able to withdraw money from ATMs without problems or additional costs, even without being clients of a certain bank, or using debit or credit cards, as well as allowing the sending of cash to any mobile phone, through text messages.

The tool will be available, this 2019, in the countries whose legislation allows it. Markets and other types of establishments will accept EyePayCash as a solution when cash is not available.

All the services mentioned above, and offered by Eyeline Business, seek to form an integrated, self-efficient and intelligent ecosystem, aimed at the cryptoactive market. Part of the ecosystem includes the development of financial software oriented to the cryptocurrency sector to expand offers and possibilities, to cover all the activities of the industry.

Ronald Rios, Eyeline Business’ Director of Development, informed that a prepaid card called Eyewallet Card would soon be available, which will refill with cryptoactives. It will be available in ATMs and shops globally. The expansion of the crypto world continues its path.

By María Rodríguez


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