The exact amount that a potential buyer can pay for the property will be defined depending on the price of Bitcoin.

In the United Kingdom, the sale of an old church was published with a price of approximately US $ 1.5 million, about 1.2 million of sterling pounds. However, the seller explained, through a publication, that he could accept Bitcoin (BTC), as a method of payment for the property.

This old church dates from a construction made more than 150 years ago. Now, it has been remodeled and converted into a house with 7 rooms. To date, the property is for sale for USD 1.5 million, but this price could change if the real estate market conditions vary.

The publication of the sale was also made online through a digital platform called Right Move. The most important aspects of the publication are the payment methods, as well as the fact that the specific seller would accept Bitcoin as a way to pay and acquire the property.

The amount of BTC that would be accepted for the sale of the house was not detailed, but the publication explains that if someone wants to use this form of payment, he or she should contact the seller since the owner is interested in negotiating and then define the exact amount he would receive for the sale of the house. Usually, the market price of digital currencies should be evaluated to prevent unexpected falls, among other factors. This is the reason of the negotiation.

The publication is a strong proof and example of the impact that cryptocurrencies are having on the global market, reaching the point of being considered as a common currency for the exchange of goods and services. It is important to note that the use of cryptocurrencies for sales of this nature has been conducted very rarely, but now everything indicates that it could become an increasingly frequent factor.

It resulted to be a great leap for the crypto-industry that this property can be offered for sale in cryptocurrencies. If this is now an option, it means that there must be, not only one person interested in selling the property in Bitcoin, but that there is enough market or people willing to buy the property using this means of payment.

This turns out to be a breakthrough for the cryptocurrency industry and even for property sales markets since this alternative would increase the purchase options and facilitate liquidation, that is, the termination of the purchase-sale contract. In addition, the expansion of the options increases the chances of selling the property, energizing the market.

Another aspect which stands out is the enablement, by online sales in platforms likes Right Move, of the option to pay for the property with cryptocurrency. This demonstrates commitment to customers who hope this payment method is included for the sale of their property, and in turn, the platform’s confidence in digital currencies is evidenced.

By María Rodríguez


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