Although cryptocurrency mining has taken a considerable hit due to the market crash that has carried over since 2018, it is still a very common activity these days, performed by millions of people around the world that are continually looking for the right pieces of equipment to achieve better and faster results.

That is why the Hong Kong-based graphics card manufacturer Sapphire Technology, one of the most widely known alternatives in the market, has revealed its newest “toys:” the company is about to launch a whole new line of miners with a very specific target in mind.

The GRIN coin: a Privacy-Focused Project

Privacy has evolved from being a preference to being a need these days. That is why the offering has been transferred to the cryptocurrency world, in the form of the Grin (GRIN) asset: a privacy-focused coin that is only a few days old, having seen the daylight on January 14, 2019.

Sapphire Tech’s new GPU miner targets the GRIN cryptocurrency. The announcement of the launch of the RX 570 16GB HDMI Blockchain Graphics Card was made on Tuesday, January 22. According to the company, the piece of hardware would be “the first of a new family” of products designed to mine Grin, as well as other cryptocurrencies.

Although the announcement has been made official, the RX 570 16GB HDMI Blockchain Graphics Card is not on sale as of now. However, the graphics card producer made it clear that it will be available “very soon.”

Perfect Compatibility

The tech company states that the RX 570 16GB HDMI Blockchain Graphics Card is “one of the few solutions” made specifically for the Cuckatoo 31+ proof-of-work algorithm, the network behind the Grin cryptocurrency. Sapphire Technology’s new card, therefore, promises to lead to “higher rewards for early miners.”

As for tech specifications, the Sapphire Radeon RX 570 HDMI Blockchain Graphics Card comes with a memory of 16 GB / 256 bit GDDR5, Active Cooling system, and 224 GB of memory bandwidth. The display output is 1 x HDMI, and it has a PCI-Express 8 pin x 1 external power connector. It has a Graphics Card Holder.


The Hong-Kong based firm has demonstrated its happiness with the launch of its newest product to the market. According to its global Vice President of marketing Adrian Thompson, everybody in the company is “thrilled” with the launch of blockchain-related products, making a reference to the Sapphire Radeon RX 570 HDMI Blockchain Graphics Card and future offerings.

“The launch of the RX 570 16GB HDMI Card presents an exciting opportunity not just for SAPPHIRE but for early Grin Coin miners and the cryptocurrency market as a whole. Future products will include new 16GB Graphics additions’ to SAPPHIRE’s line of INCA and MGI Series of dedicated blockchain systems,” he stated.

Despite a sizable loss in value the day after it went live, Grin has some promise as a project. It is built around the mimble wimble privacy technology, and it spent a couple of years in development stages. The crypto asset has captivated both cypherpunks and investment companies because it is seen as a similar alternative to Bitcoin and it is GPU miner compatible.

By Andres Chavez


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