Over the last couple of years, Samsung has demonstrated time and time again that it is more than just a company that sells tech devices. The South Korean giant is an enormous business that is also known for the creation and development of innovative ways to improve people’s lifestyle.

The firm is now including 13 new decentralized apps (dApps) to its catalog. Up until this week, Samsung had four in its arsenal, but the new increase takes the count to a staggering 17 options in the company’s Blockchain Keystore, which is the online app market associated with the brand.

An Increasing Number

Samsung has made the Blockchain Keystore available since March 2019, and the four dApps with which it started were a social media platform, a password wallet, a game, and a billing app. More options could be added in the not so distant future, as Samsung shows its commitment to enriching the Keystore.

Among the new offerings, according to a specialized crypto site from South Korea, are several options that range from additional social media platforms, such as Anpan, to entertainment networks like The Hunters.

Samsung is continually working to stay ahead of the game when it comes to innovative technologies, such as the blockchain and crypto related products. The Asian business is one of the biggest companies of its field to focus on the development of crypto-centric services and products; and a proof of that is the release of the Galaxy S10 that came this year.

One Step Ahead of the Game

“Although other companies have not done so yet, we have already made a blockchain wallet and released it,” the firm said via a release. Samsung is, therefore, preparing new features even before the competition releases a similar product, but knowing that it will happen eventually.

Samsung’s wallet, however, only lets people store ETH-based ERC-20 tokens and protocols; hence, there is considerable room for improvement in order to secure a larger chunk of the market share.

Some of Samsung’s biggest and most prominent rivals have already begun welcoming crypto to their operations and projects. Apple may be the most powerful competitor, but it has not yet developed and launched a wallet, according to the mentioned site. However, they came up with a “CryptoKit” in June, designed for iOS 13, which means they are not too far from Samsung.

Other Prominent Enterprises

LG is also taking steps towards the development of crypto and blockchain related services and products. In July, the company trademarked “ThinQ Wallet,” which is allegedly the foundation for a future crypto wallet and network. According to the trademark, the item is supposed to provide transaction, settlement, and e-money services.

Huawei, a Chinese market giant, is lagging a bit behind, as it has not yet developd any crypto-related apps. According to the quoted site, however, the company “has no plans to put a password wallet on its smartphone because the Chinese government has not authorized it.”

Samsung’s Blockchain Keystore is off to a sluggish start, however, as its apps have only 30 reviews, which pales in comparison with those available in the Google Play Store, which surpass on thousand feedback comments.

By Andres Chavez


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