Samsung turns to Blockchain leader Vechain, for the deployment of its smart ship data application. Meanwhile, VeChain garners support from top industry personalities as its use case continues to benefit leading companies.

VeChain, the Blockchain network designed to help business operations through improved product tracking, has continued to live up to its name.

With the support of the world’s leading certification authority DNV, Samsung Heavy Industries, the first Korean shipbuilding company to take this step, has successfully implemented its “Intelligent Network Security Application for Ships” on the Vechain network.

“Recently, DNV and Samsung Heavy Industries implemented a ‘Smart Grid Security Application for Ships’ based on VeChain technology,” the VeChain Community Center tweeted on January 20.

VeChainThor Offers More Details

The VechainThor community shared more details about the deployment in an official media post, explaining that Samsung Heavy Industries leveraged the Vechain Blockchain in order to verify data transmission “for the Vechain Autonomous Navigation System (SAS) its boat and the electronic logbook (eLogBook).”

The deployment comes shortly after the Samsung Heavy Industries app obtained a Results of Compliance (SoF) certificate from the DNV, allowing it to carry out operations using the Blockchain.

Lately, the shipping industry has been leaning towards advancing its network security as it leverages digital technologies to advance shipping operations, as well as autonomous information sharing is widely adopted.

To reduce the chances of information tampering when data is shared with ships and other offshore tools at the recovery end, VeChain serves as a security solution for shipping companies, shipyards, and other involved parties.

Dr. Hyun Joe Kim, Vice President of Samsung Heavy Industries Ship and Offshore Performance Research Center, expresses enthusiasm and optimism about the progress made by the company, as follows:

“We are very pleased that Samsung Heavy Industries has become the first shipyard to receive DNV certification for applying Blockchain technology to its continuously developing SAS auto navigation system and our digital asset management system SVESSEL eLogbook. We highly appreciate the hard work by DNV in this cooperative investigation.”

VeChain Adoption Skyrockets as Use Cases Serve Multiple Businesses

The VeChain Blockchain has many achievements to its credit, as the use cases of the Blockchain are constantly expanding.

VeChain’s customer base includes popular brands such as BMW, MicroSoft, PwC, among others. Walmart is also one of the VeChain customers that has seen massive growth in transaction processing, after adopting Blockchain for supply chain transparency.

VeChain has also been recognized by US Senator Pat Toomey, who spoke of the Blockchain in a positive light, referring to VeChain as a solid project.

Similarly, Michele M., director of DNV’s twin supply chain transition department, noted the benefits that VeChain has brought to Walmart’s customer base.

By Audy Castaneda


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