Samsung wallet will include Tron (TRX). In addition, it has integrated Elrond (ERD) token and Ethereum-based games like Axie Infinity.

During the last weeks, it has been known that the telecom giant Samsung will incorporate more cryptocurrencies on its crypto wallet. Justin Sun, the Founder of Tron (TRX), revealed on Twitter that TRX has been integrated on the Samsung blockchain Keystore.

In the beginning, the Samsung wallet was considered only to store Ethereum and Bitcoin, but now the company is opening its doors to more digital assets. In this way, the Galaxy S10 will offer TRX tokens and Tron decentralized apps (DApps).

The objective of Samsung will be to store assets, but also applications that are available in the market for the first time, all of this on potentially millions of mobile devices.

Tron will be integrated into the software development kit (SDK) of the Samsung Blockchain Keystore. Samsung’s project would bring its users the possibility to have a wallet in their smartphones.

Huawei, Apple, and Samsung are the main sellers of smartphones. According to the Pew Research Center, 5 billion people currently have access to mobile devices, almost half of them are smartphones; thus, one billion users would have access to the Samsung Blockchain Keystore. Many people could test the device soon.

More Benefits

People who buy Galaxy S10 will access to its crypto wallet. This is something positive for those users that do not rely on third-party wallets. Now they will have another option.

In addition, developers can build applications using Samsung devices. The SDK allows coders to build through the Tron network by giving them direct access to the blockchain. This will allow DApp developers to continue making products for Samsung users.

Samsung devices should have the same direct access to Tron blockchain data. This would make it easier for DApp developers to make products for Samsung users that do not rely on other providers.

“With the Tron / Samsung integration, users won’t need any third party wallet anymore. Develops can just focus on the content they are building and provide a seamless experience to end users”, Justin Sun said to local media.

According to Tron’s latest report, there are 3.9 million Tron wallet accounts and 611 DApps. Tron’s DApps are experiencing 276,000 daily average users (DAU) with an average growth rate of 1.2 % peer week.

These quantities would increase drastically once Samsung and other companies offer wallets available to those users who have not yet decided to access traditional wallets or do not know how to do it.

There are only 3,127 decentralized apps in use, according to research by the State of the DApps. Those apps have approximately 100,000 daily active users. Phil Chen, Head of HTC, says, “for the smartphone category to grow again, we need more adoption of cryptophones”.

Recently, Samsung has added support for Elrond (ERD) token and Axie Infinity (an Ethereum-based collectible game) on its blockchain wallet.

Similarly, Google is interested in the blockchain market by making its public blockchain data freely available in BigQuery through the Google Cloud Public Datasets Program”.

Nevertheless, there is another question. Samsung is based in South Korea and that country does not have a clear position about cryptocurrencies, highlighting the instability of crypto legality in that country, where these assets were banned in 2017.

In 2018, South Korea recognized digital currencies like Bitcoin, but in 2019, the Government decided to set up a blockchain-enabled virtual power plant in Busan. However, it has not issued much opinion regarding this topic and Samsung’s plans could continue being accepted or not.

By María Rodríguez


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