The blockchain information management system is based on the Ethereum network and is mostly used for the management of farmers.

The Russian government hopes to reach agreements with blockchain service contractor companies, to build a system that allows the Moscow state administration to store information and data about its processes and documents.

It was known, through a Russian news agency, that the government, through the Department of Information Technology, began a series of auctions that would help begin the development of the blockchain system project based on the Ethereum network. This means that all citizen files will be protected electronically.

Due to all the things that are necessary to execute these decisions, and in order to begin the development, the authorities began raising the funds. It is estimated that an amount of approximately 57 million Russian rubles is necessary. Therefore, the beginning of the project would need about 860 thousand US dollars.

According to information and data about the project approach, there are some central purposes and services that this platform will offer. Among them is the possibility of conducting documentation between property and real estate owners and their residents.

In the same vein, there is an alternative to define the spaces that will be used by merchants and farmers in some municipal markets. It is believed that the system will be able to host around 1.5 million viewers as a maximum capacity.

The Information Technology Department assured that through the implementation of this alternative, the plan will make its clients and citizens feel more confident in their responses to administrative problems. In this way, a better transparency is obtained using blockchain technology as a flag.

Looking for Agreements

Data provided by local media explains in technical terms that the installation of the administrative platform can take about 60 days. But for this to have a real movement in particular, the agreements between the state and the contractors must be completed and the terms and agreements for the alliance defined.

The Moscow government mentioned that this platform will be incorporated into other experimental blockchain projects that have been jointly developed. Among them stands out an election platform that will serve the public administration to conduct surveys to its citizens about daily issues and public services, such as the construction of new cycling routes, as well as to qualify municipal events.

The blockchain project has been called Active Citizen. It has been active in Moscow since 2017. According to some press reports, the system is expected to be incorporated into the legislative voting network; this in order to use blockchain technology in electoral matters. This makes the platform a more viable option that would benefit 6% of voters in Russia.

Finally, regarding the blockchain system used for the allocation of trade spaces, this plan has benefited, since 2018, around 20 thousand people engaged in various commercial activities; most of them were farmers. It is been reported the allocation of 2,700 commercial shelves for this sector.

By María Rodríguez


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