The leader of the OneCoin pyramid scheme, the “crypto queen” as Ruja is also known, disappeared in October 2017, leaving no trace at all.

The Missing Cryptoqueen is still wanted; the search for Ruja Ignatova continues. The leader of the OneCoin pyramid scheme, the “crypto queen” as Ruja is also known, disappeared in October 2017, leaving no trace at all and other than millions of deluded souls who believed in her fake cryptocurrency.

A Law firm and a public relations firm, together, activated a plan to intimidate the UK regulatory organization. Both companies succeeded in getting the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to withdraw warnings that singled out Onecoin as a scam.

In 2016 the FCA had warned citizens to be alert when dealing with OneCoin, given that the company did not have the regulation of the financial authority and about which it found irregularities. However, ten months later, the warning from the UK regulatory body disappeared.

Two characters who never knew each other revealed how OneCoin operated to disengage from warnings issued by the FCA that blacklisted it for financial scams.

One of these characters, Gary Gilford, Ruja Ignatova’s lawyer, uncovered the names of the companies that actively participated in the plan at the request of OneCoin The leading London law firm figures as one of them, Carter-Ruck. At the same time, the other is the public relations firm Chelgate.

OneCoin Multi-Level Marketing

Journalist Jamie Bartlett recounts in a podcast episode how OneCoin launched an operation to reverse an adverse situation and how they later used it to their advantage. “When the FCA removed the warning, OneCoin used that to publicize itself, arguing that if it carried out dishonest activities, it would remain on the blacklist of financial regulators.”

Because one of the most significant financial regulators in the world no longer considered OneCoin a scam, said company used this as a marketing tool and growing extensively. By 2017, just three years after its launch, OneCoin had 3 million members around the world. A very considerable number and a serious reason to worry about, the scam was on a grander scale than we could ever have thought.

Documents show that the crypto queen’s scam with its fake cryptocurrency is on the order of 5 billion dollars, a juicy amount, and continues its operations.

Open offices were still open in Bulgaria, with OneCoin signs, and with active staff.

“The office is open because people keep buying the packages that OneCoin sells. People are still waiting for the cryptocurrency exchange to open. Even after the arrest of Konstantin Ignatov (Ruja’s brother), people still have not realized that OneCoin is a scam, and they continue to buy fake cryptocurrency ”, Barttlet points out in that episode.

In September 2019, the BBC broadcast the first episode of the Missing Cryptoqueen podcast. Since then, the documentary based on Bartlett’s journalistic investigation has been on the trail of the story of greed, deception, and collective madness that engulfs OneCoin and its leader Ruja Ignatova.

By Jenson Nuñez.


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