The businessman and one of the richest men in Mexico, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, inaugurated the “Universidad de la Libertad” with the “Bitcoin and Radical Innovation Summit” forum, where he revealed that he “works to make BTC a well-liked form of money in Mexico.” Among his speakers was the CEO of JAN3, Samsom Mow.

On its website, the Universidad de la Libertad states that it is focused on innovation and business development, as well as freedom and competition. He points out that learning will take place in an environment called “Phygital” which integrates physical and virtual classes in immersive spaces.

The “Universidad de la Libertad” reveals opening dates

During the inauguration, the billionaire Ricardo Salinas pointed out the following:

“What is the future of Bitcoin in Mexico? It depends on what we all do so that Bitcoin has a future. Now I am working hard and I have a lot of people working on this concept of making Bitcoin a well-liked form of money in Mexico.”

The founder of Grupo Salinas maintained that cryptocurrencies allow the transfer in a decentralized, transparent, verifiable, and incorruptible manner. He opined that it is about a “peaceful financial system that allows to be free” and healthier markets.

For his part, the bitcoiner and investor Samson Mow argued that Latin America is ready for the adoption of BTC:

“Bitcoin can be used without permission, it is immutable and accessible to anyone. It is a carrier asset, which means you can hold it if you have it in your possession. If we can get more countries to embrace Bitcoin as a form of sound money and get out of currencies, out of the IMF and World Bank, then there will be more prosperity for the region.”

Other experts who issued their views on Bitcoin included: Strategic Maverick CEO Sophie Von, Natalie Brunnell, professional Bitcoin podcaster, and Wolf Von Laer of Learners for Liberty. The experts agreed on the relevance and meaning of the cryptocurrency before aspects such as inflation, community, or economic freedom.

The University Will Have Badges Backed by Blockchain Technology

The Universidad de la Libertad revealed dates for its opening: February 6 (admissions open), April 1 (registration open) and September 4 (class start). It will include an innovation and business development program, with which it promises to “create entrepreneurs”, and includes the following options:

     Courses. Here he promises results in 3 months and a blockchain-backed flagship certificate.

     High Effect Knowledge Experiences (HIKEs). There are 5 courses with 8 “learning experiences”.

Innovation and business. A degree that prepares to “undertake”, and that understands social environments, from innovation.

On his X account, Samson Mow reiterated that Bitcoin is “not ubiquitous yet”:

“Just pay something with a $100 bill. Even though it’s worth less and you buy less, the teller is probably still inspecting it as carefully as if it were just as valuable as before. It actually looks more like a $50 bill now and will soon be a $20 bill. However, they still don’t realize it.”

By Audy Castañeda


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