The renowned author recommended having cash to take advantage of the bargains after the stock market crash. Many analysts say the market will continue to rise, but Kiyosaki warns that the opposite could happen.

American entrepreneur, investor, and motivational speaker Robert Kiyosaki recently spoke about the stock market crash in October. In that sense, the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad expressed that gold, silver, and Bitcoin might also collapse.

Kiyosaki is one of several experts who have been sharing their concerns about the current market.

In that regard, Big Short investor Michael Burry and GMO co-founder Jeremy Grantham believe that the hugest bubble is about to burst.

For their part, investors Jeffrey Gundlach, Leon Cooperman, and Stanley Druckenmiller believe that the speculative momentum will not last much longer. Therefore, everything seems to point to a stock market crash of unprecedented proportions.

Gold, Silver and Bitcoin May Also Collapse, According to Kiyosaki

Entrepreneur and investor Robert Kiyosaki warned that a market crash is approaching. He predicted that the stock market would collapse in October as the Fed is missing the Treasury bills. He further said that gold, silver, and Bitcoin might also collapse.

The renowned author recommended having cash to take advantage of bargains after a crash. He said that he would not sell Bitcoin, gold or silver, but would have a lot of money after the stock market crash. He warned of the danger of investing in stocks and suggested being very careful.

Treasury bills are short-term public debt securities issued at a discount. The State Treasury produces them as a type of short-term financing at the lowest possible cost.

Robert Kiyosaki Says that the Biggest Market Crash Is Near

Experts like finance guru Robert Kiyosaki are warning of an epic stock market crash. The founder of Rich Global and Rich Dad Company is predicting that financial markets will suffer their worst decline.

Kiyosaki explained why there could soon be a stock market crash never seen before. He also reminded investors that the financial system was changing very fast.

The investor reported that many analysts say the market would continue to rise for two more years, but he believes that the opposite could happen. He added that the next stock market crash would be the biggest in world history.

Kiyosaki Has Given Advice on Past Occasions

However, Robert Kiyosaki stated that there are good options for investors to protect themselves. He stressed that silver is a good investment, as it poses a low risk and shows high potential. He added that the falling value of the US dollar makes Bitcoin and silver the best investments.

Kiyosaki advised to be patient and wait for bargains to invest. In that way, he anticipated a brutal market crash, as he expected an abundance of low prices after the crash.

He said that it is time to be patient rather than greedy, for which it is necessary to be on guard and be cautious. He expressed that he wanted his followers to be as prepared as possible before investing.

By Willmen Blanco


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