According to the Reddit user MagoCrypto, the company could be in testing for the launch of the tool.

Reddit, the renowned website for classifications and marking contents, would be considering using a blockchain system that will allow rewarding users with some type of tokens.

According to Reddit, the company is developing a system that will allow using cryptocurrencies in a reward or prize allocation scheme. The digital content platform has not declared the project as official. Reddit has not given too many details about the initiative.

However, a frequent user of the web indicated, last April 8th, that there is a possible development of a tool, which would be an app, that would be in charge of this new function.

The user who revealed the possible launch of this initiative in the future called himself MagoCrypto in a publication on the platform. He accompanied the statement with a video clip which shows the possible blockchain solution that would include a wallet. The video shows an app, in the beta phase, for Android smartphones that are fully functional to get the reward.

The video with the statement was originally posted through the CryptoCurrency sub-reddit and reposted by ethfinance. In this way, the message was trending in a few hours.

This statement encouraged the comments of crypto enthusiasts. According to the opinion of some users in the community, the system could be developed under the bases of the Ethereum blockchain.

The forum had the active participation of users interested in what could be the new functionality of the application. MagoCrypto confirmed its announcement showing evidence of what the new service could be. He mentioned that last Tuesday, he entered Reddit platform through his smartphone and noticed the addition of the “portfolio” option. When selecting, he realized that the word “blockchain” came out.

According to MagoCrypto, this could be development testing for a possible official release. “It is literally the official Reddit app on Android that I always use (build 2020.12.0.262357). I opened the app yesterday morning and saw the wallet (word) in the options menu. I went in, saw ‘blockchain’ and was really excited to share it with the rest of you. It seems that I am a minority who have seen this and I don’t know why. (…) I suppose they are A / B tests or something, I didn’t install anything special”, he said.

Then, the forum continued commenting on this topic and turned the conversation around why it should be developed under the Ethereum blockchain.

The video that MagoCrypto published lasts about 22 seconds and details the wallet option in a Reddit panel. Later, the video shows a point counter that could well be what the website would assign participants as a prize. Currently, there is no official announcement from the company. Neither if a system like this was being developed for users.

MagoCrypto could not go beyond the point counter. Therefore, there is an expectation of what could people do with these points, or if users can transfer or exchange for money or cryptocurrencies.

Other users pointed out that they have updated their Reddit application in the Play Store in search of the new option. However, this has not happened again.

Reddit has become one of the most popular web platforms for publishing content related to the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. It covers a large number of users who belong to the ecosystem of digital currencies.

By María Rodríguez


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