The company decides to expand the use of blockchain technology to increase the capacity of the team responsible for developing smart contracts.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, technology has caused great and important changes in society as well as companies that now rely more on the development of methods that help improve their productivity and efficiency. It is for this reason that companies like PwC have opted for the innovation and security offered by blockchain technology in most commercial and technological areas.

For this reason, the prestigious consulting company PwC, one of the largest companies in the world responsible for providing support to all types of organizations, companies, and governments, has decided to increase the capacity of the team responsible for creating smart contracts. This suggests that services related to blockchain technology are being the most requested ones and also the most outstanding in recent years.

In this way, ChainSecurity, the smart contract audit team, has partnered with the Swiss section of PwC. This movement represents a great impact on the crypto world, as it puts the smart contract development team among the most requested for all kinds of companies on the planet. This means that now all companies that have business with PwC will have the facility to join a blockchain network.

In a statement issued by the company, it was informed that PwC seeks to become the largest company in the world to provide consulting services on Smart Contracts. In this way, it will focus on integrating the services of a new ally, ChainSecurity, into its work portfolio.

“As an integral part of PwC Switzerland, the ChainSecurity team will focus on accelerating PwC Switzerland blockchain audits, including technical audits of Smart Contracts and blockchain platforms, as well as in risk coverage services for customers with crypto assets”, the statement says.

In this way, Konradin Krieger, who is the Director of PwC, said that this alliance does not mean a purchase of rights or acquisition, and rather that it is a transfer of all its ChainSecurity equipment to PwC. This adds, even, to the Director of Operations and the Technical Director, who, at the moment, will be in charge of leading a new team called “Smart Contract’s Assurance”.

Krieger commented: “We expect market demands to increase rapidly as the blockchain generalizes and, as demonstrated by the incorporation of the ChainSecurity team. We are very interested in developing our capabilities around blockchain technology so that we are ahead of the market. We will continue to grow the team to anticipate these needs based on how we see the market unfold”.

This movement will be able to promote the development of blockchain technology within the consulting capabilities that PwC had already created in recent years. In this way, new methods will be approved to expand the entire client portfolio that the company expects to achieve worldwide. The objective is to increment its results related to the world of smart contracts and the opportunities they offer.

By María Rodríguez


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