The new payment option with cryptocurrencies will be available in more than 37 Argentine locations

On February 6th, Bitex, the financial services company specialized in blockchain, announced through its official Twitter account that it made an important alliance with the electronic recharge company Alto Viaje, to offer public transport users in Argentina the option to pay with bitcoins (BTC).

Increasing payment options were priority for these companies that not only seek to provide users with a better service, but that also generate effective solutions to protect their finances and cope with the rise in prices, due to the recent inflationary crisis that Argentina is going through.

The SUBE service is well known to Argentines. Since some time ago, it provides public transport users with an electronic solution to pay for travel tickets in the bus, subway and train systems in different locations of the country.

Both services will allow Argentines to recharge the SUBE card through the Alto Viaje web platform and select the Bitex option to pay with Bitcoin (BTC).

Regarding this new option for users of public transport in Argentina, Manuel Beaudroit, Bitex’s Director of Marketing, said that it represents a great advance for the city because this alternative means an important technological growth for the common citizen.

“We believe that this type of project has great importance, since it brings a technology such as Bitcoin to the common people, demonstrating the true value and the applications it has in everyday life”, he said.

The option to pay for this service through the electronic platform of Alto Viaje became effective on Thursday, February 7th. Previously, this service was paid using any conventional banking platform and, in addition, having the option to pay using Paypal.

Through the official website of SUBE it was known that a new payment option soon be implemented, using an instant remuneration platform called RapiPago, which will represent the third new option to recharge the SUBE electronic card.

It was also reported that different recharging points of the card will be enabled in all the country. Among the chosen sites, some kiosks are adapted with the appropriate electronic terminal, SUBE charging stations, cubicles in the stations, some bus stops, and at lottery points of sale.

Beaudroit commented why they decided to integrate these new options even when there is not a high demand of bitcoins (BTC) in Argentina. “What we are interested in is bringing small concrete solutions. We do not make big launches without a product, but we offer solutions that work and that are seen”, he explained.

He stressed that due to the high inflation the country is experiencing, many Argentines are using alternative options to safeguard their savings and maintain a sustainable financial level.

The central intention is to offer users all available payment options. Sometime after, it will be verified if this type of payment solutions with cryptocurrencies begins the financial options of the citizen.

By María Victoria Rodríguez


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