Mikhail Mishustin, the new Prime Minister of Russia says that among his highest priorities is promoting a new model of digital economy.

During one of his first interventions, the new Prime Minister of Russia, Mikhail Mishustin, spoke about the country’s need to take an important declaration of the new digital economy.

For this reason, he called on the different sectors to prioritize their actions in order to move towards this new model. The official even announced that he is working on making amendments and changes to the laws to promote strategic sectors in the new technologies.

Mishustin said that among its main actions is to reform the legal codes and the ways of acting of the Russian institutions. Therefore, its main priority is to innovate the field of action within the main national institutions and companies.

The words of the new Prime Minister were firm when stating that the country should update its methods. Hence, it is important that modern information systems be established. Therefore, a national program must be approved to help develop the new digital economy. “The state should become a digital platform created for people,” said Mishustin.

Russia as One of the Most Influencing Countries in the Cryptographic Industry

The initiative from the new Prime Minister of Russia, Mishustin, represents a great step for the industry. However, it does not mean that the Russian people have not become aware of the progress of this sector in the world. Russia has become one of the most innovative countries in the development of blockchain solutions, among other new technologies.

A clear example of the efforts made by the Russian management on the industry was evident when, in the middle of last year, Changpeng Zhao, who is the CEO of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange house, Binance, applauded the efforts of the Blockchain developers of Russian origin. He even named Vladimir Putin as the most important person in the blockchain industry.

Despite this, until now, Russia does not have clear laws or a correct action regarding the use of blockchain technology or cryptocurrencies; in the same vein, leading even to strong frictions between officials who expect to take concrete actions on the development of new technologies and those who consider it very risky to depend on blockchain at the moment.

For this reason, it was known, at the end of last year, that a draft ban for the use of cryptocurrencies in the payment of goods and services was being prepared. Based on the aforementioned, the Central Bank of Russia issued a statement referring to the possibility of its approval. “If the decision is made to ban cryptocurrencies as a means of payment at the legislation level, we consider it appropriate to support this position”.

It is important to highlight that Mikhail Mishustin, currently occupies the position of Prime Minister of Russia, this after Putin made known his intentions to reform the country’s Constitution. It is for this reason that the former Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, and his entire cabinet resigned their positions on Wednesday, January 15th.

By María Rodríguez


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