Sources assure that President Biden could impose taxes of at least 39.6% on capital gains. This decision would play an essential role in his financing plan for social programs.

 A series of recent reports indicate that US President Joe Biden will propose double the tax rate on capital gains per year, which could substantially affect the cryptocurrency trade in the North American nation.

According to a report published by the Bloomberg news agency, federal tax rates could reach high peaks and increase to 39.6% for those who earn USD 1 million or more per year.

This change would represent an increase of 20% in parallel to margins managed for these operations during President Donald Trump’s administration.

Although this is part of the current plan, sources revealed that the announcement could start working in the coming weeks and that the tax reform would reverse the trend that has been present during all these years.

This trend imposes margins of higher taxes on income derived from work activities than on those that relate to investments in primary and secondary markets.

Tax Changes and Coherent Measures

According to local media, this plan would connect with the campaign promises that Biden has been promising. Biden proposed to equalize these tax margins and create fairer conditions for middle-class workers.

Analysts and experts expect the announcement to come in next week, as Biden will present the reform in the framework of tax increases to create new financial support. Meanwhile, the nation’s Congress is debating the “American Jobs Plan,” which involves tax changes applicable to businesses and corporations for financing.

Biden and his Measures

President Biden’s new measures would apply as considerations of a high level, which could lead to much higher tax margins depending on the jurisdiction handled by each state.

The report published by Bloomberg also highlights that citizens who earn more than USD 1 million from their participation in the financial markets could see an increase in the tax margin above 50%, as the case may be. For New York City residents, both rates (federal and state) could bring this tax to 52%, while in California, it would be 56.7%.

The Future of Cryptocurrency Operations

Capital gains taxes apply when there is a successful sale of an asset; it applies to the corresponding amount when balancing between the time the purchase happened. In this way, the rate’s calculation gets its completion on the derived earnings.

Under this premise, commercial operations with cryptocurrencies would also join to apply this modality, which would force people who regularly operate in this market to adjust to the new tax margins if this measure gets its application.

Regulatory changes in nations with great economic power always have a more significant impact on this ecosystem. This impact hits the price of essential assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other currencies. Currently, neither the White House nor the Treasury Department representatives have made a statement on this possible tax reform.

By: Jenson Nuñez


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