A Wallet will allow Opera users, in the Android operating system, to make transactions and payments using bitcoins.

Through a recent statement issued by Opera, it was known that the browser will allow payments with bitcoins and transactions with other cryptocurrencies through its wallet installed in the new version of its browser for Android phones.

The new tool is the last part of the beta version that the company had been developing since some time ago, something that was announced last July. The first versions of this browser with crypto-functionalities allowed TRON and Bitcoin users to send and receive these digital currencies as a way of exchanging or mobilizing funds from one wallet to another. This would be possible through the digital wallet integrated in the browser called Crypto Wallet, which is compatible with the Android operating system, using the mobile browser of users.

Before the launch of this improved version of the browser, Opera already offered support services for some ERC-20, such as Ether, among others. In this way, the new beta version of the browser with crypto features, positions Opera as a strong competitor that fights to be a pioneer in different areas of the so-called web 3.0 and expand its reach to digital markets.

By using the crypto wallet tool of the Opera browser, users will be able to manage the Bitcoin’s blockchain. In this way, the platform will make it possible to make transfers and execute payments of some services directly from the mobile phone.

In addition to this advance in the management of financial transactions through the Opera system, the portfolio will also allow the user to pay for goods and services, turning the tool into a crypto payment method. In addition, debit and credit cards can be synchronized with a special option, thus adopting a connection between the user’s funds with the wallet within Opera, with the aim to settle some service payments.

To achieve the complete synchronization between the portfolio with the Opera Reborn 3 browser system, it is also known that the Android version can be synchronized with the version for desktop computers, increasing the possibilities for the user to use the tool on all platforms. This desktop version which includes the cryptocurrency tool was officially launched last July.

With respect to the initiative, Charles Hamel, who is in charge of cryptocurrency products for Opera, issued a statement to the press last Tuesday where he commented that the tool becomes the ideal assistant for crypto users since using the browser becomes a daily matter and very frequent. In addition, he talked about the multiple options the wallet offers to users.

“The browser is the ideal candidate to integrate cryptocurrencies since it is the gateway for so many things in the user’s life (…) Purchases, content, financial transactions, social media plus the ability to transfer value for all these use cases is very powerful. Opera is the only browser with this capability”, Hamel claimed.

By María Rodríguez


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