The alliance with Cripex will serve as support for travelers to use cryptocurrencies to plan their trips and other services

The High Flight travel agency, of Paraguayan origin, informed through an announcement published on its official Twitter account, that it would have reached an agreement with the startup company Cripex to enable the payment option with Bitcoin (BTC).

Among the businesses that have had a great adaptation with crypto technology, it has been the tourism sector since the industry ends up being of dynamic origin and with specific needs that can well be solved with cryptocurrencies.

The use of cryptocurrencies in tourism can allow travelers to easily adapt to changes between different economies in the countries of the world, helping to exchange and send or receive money to service cabins related to travel methods, food or even hotel and cruise accommodation.

It is for this reason that the High Flight travel agency managed to identify these needs and managed a commercial alliance with the firm Cripex. This is to give customers new payment methods and exchange facilities in different currencies both fiat and digital.

Cripex is a startup company that was created in mid-2017, becoming one of the first cryptocurrency exchange and blockchain-related services to operate in Paraguay. This company will allow national users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, as well as store and/or transfer funds from digital assets at the time of day and throughout the year.

The official website of the startup company indicates that they are aware that blockchain technology and digital assets are part of the future of world economies and that they ensure the inclusion and use of these assets without any particular discrimination.

“We believe in a more economically connected world, in an inclusive way for all. We are convinced that the great global economic revolution that we are living go hand in hand with disruptive technologies such as blockchain and digital assets”, the company explains on its website.

According to the advertising of promotion of the new service published on social networks, the company showed a certificate of “Commercial Alliance” with Cripex and mentioned that this will serve for the “support in reception, management and, storage of digital assets, cryptoassets and/or cryptocurrencies for collection of products and/or services”.

It is not the first time that a company in charge of managing trips has established the use of cryptocurrencies for its services.

Last October, at the end of 2019, it was known that the Spanish travel agency, Destinia offered the possibility of using up to six types of cryptocurrencies for the payment of its services, including flights, hotel reservations, tour packages and even purchase train tickets.

According to the press release, it was known that some of the cryptocurrencies that this travel agency accepts are Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin.

Now, it would be time for more travel agencies to try using blockchain technology to conduct transactions safely while benefiting the crypto community that wants to spend their digital money. This would be also another step to boost the crypto world.

By María Rodríguez


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