The cryptocurrency market has been involved in a recent paradox between million-dollar hacks and acts of integrity.

In today’s fast news, there is information related to unfortunate million-dollar hacks in recent days in the cryptocurrency market. In addition, the integrity story of an anonymous Bitcoin miner who returned an overpayment of a fee to Paxos is added.

Lazarus, the North Korean Hacking Group, Has Stolen Almost $240 Million in Cryptocurrencies

Elliptic, a blockchain surveillance company, presented a surprising report revealing the activities of the infamous North Korean hacker group known as Lazarus, which in recent months has intensified its attacks.

This group has been linked to five major cryptocurrency attacks in the last three months. The most recent of these, according to blockchain data, affected the global cryptocurrency exchange CoinEx, which was hacked this week with an estimated value of $70 million.

In total, Lazarus, originating from North Korea, is estimated to have stolen almost $240 million in cryptocurrency in the last 104 days.

Mark Cuban Victim of a Surprising Cryptocurrency Hack

Mark Cuban, the famous investor and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has unfortunately been surprised by the theft of almost USD 900,000 in cryptocurrencies. These have been hacked from one of their online wallets. Blockchain researcher Wazz was the first to notice this hack on September 15, when he detected suspicious activity in the wallet that Mark Cuban had not used in months. Wazz post on X read like this: “Lmao, did Mark Cuban’s wallet just get drained? Wallet inactive for 160 days and all assets just moved.”

Bitcoin Miner Takes Integrity Act and Returns Extra Commissions Accidentally Paid to Paxos

Recently, a Bitcoin miner received a commission of 19.8 BTC, shortly after realizing an error when he saw how a Bitcoin transaction paid more than $500,000 in commissions to transfer just $2,000. While the average network rate was just USD 2.

Speculation immediately ran high, with some suggesting the transaction could have been the result of a simple mistake. How to copy and paste data into the commission field without proper review.

However, the Bitcoin miner returned the funds to the blockchain infrastructure company, Paxos. After the company claimed it had made the costly mistake. This story reminds us that, even in the midst of so many hackers and digital thefts, values ​​such as integrity and responsibility remain fundamental.

As @mempool posted on X on September 15, “F2Pool have sent the 19.82108632 BTC fee overpayment back to Paxos.”

Binance.US’ Brian Schroder Did Not Resign, But He Has Taken a Break

Changpeng Zhao has clarified what has been happening with Brian Shroder, CEO of Binance.US, amid speculation. CZ noted that Shroder is taking a “deserved break” after a successful time at the company.

Cz’s post on X explains it further:

“There has been some speculation regarding recent management changes at @BinanceUS. Brian Shroder is taking a deserved break after accomplishing what he set out to do when he joined two years ago. Under his leadership, http://Binance.US raised capital, improved its product and service offerings, solidified internal processes, and gained significant market share, all of which helped to build a more resilient company for the benefit of customers. We are grateful for his contributions.”

Binance.US has recently come under the spotlight due to the resignation of several high-level executives amid regulatory lawsuits. In a statement on Twitter on September 15, CZ asked everyone to “ignore the FUD” around the changes in senior management.

By Audy Castaneda


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