The new browser has other services, such as the incorporation of a VPN to improve privacy and security, and the synchronization function with the Opera web browser that was previously launched for mobile devices

The creative company of the well-known Opera browser has launched a new version of its web browser for desktop computers with a very useful tool, id est., a cryptocurrency wallet. This was announced by the company through a press release on Tuesday, April 9th.

Reborn 3, or Opera 60 as its trade name indicates, is a browser that the company has decided to launch with the newest features. The users of this browser will be able to browse the web through platform 3.0 (an Internet platform based on blockchain technology), as well as the user will be able to conduct transactions with cryptocurrencies. In addition, the browser offers a built-in VPN that allows better security and privacy for users.

According to the publication, the wallet automatically synchronizes with the cryptocurrency wallet already offered by the company for the Android operating system, which allows to store cryptocurrencies and tokens. In this way, the access keys to the wallet are stored in the same user.

In another sense, the new browser with support in the Web 3.0 browser gives full access to all the decentralized applications of the entire network of the Ethereum platform.

How Will It Work?

Now, when a user needs to make a transaction with cryptocurrencies directly from this platform, a notification will arrive to the phone. In order to complete the task, users should only be identified by a facial recognition or by applying the fingerprint, as if it were to unlock their cell phone. This is part of the security measures that this new browser offers to complete a transaction.

When referring to the note, about the VPN service that has been incorporated, it is mentioned that this tool was included as a way to protect the location of the user who made the transaction. This also includes a protection service when the user navigates through public networks.

“Opera’s built-in VPN, ad blocking and its cryptocurrency wallet make it the only modern browser that allows users to have complete control of their digital life, while providing them with a vision of the future of the web”, says part of the statement.

Previously, in July last year, the company had already launched an Opera browser that worked exclusively for the Android operating system, as a method of making the idea of ​​a mobile wallet work. Later, it launched the same application, but a desktop version that resulted to be compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. This allows users to install it without having to add extensions inside the computer.

And, for the near future, the company has partnered with big corporations interested in new technologies, such as Ledger Capital, in order to conduct researches about different blockchain solutions and incorporate them into their next projects and products.

By María Victoria Rodríguez


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