NFT giant OpenSea highlights major user E-mail data breaches and phishing attacks.

OpenSea, the famous non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace that approached a valuation of $13 billion in January this year, alerted users about E-mail phishing after a data breach.

Beware of phishing E-mails, claimed OpenSea after staff at the world’s largest NFT marketplace unveiled that an employee of, a network for dealing with E-mail newsletters and campaigns, leaked the E-mail list of OpenSea’s clients to a third party.

Users Must be Careful of Falling Victims to Hackers and Try to Contact them

OpenSea highlighted in the report that malicious actors may try to contact OpenSea customers through E-mails from domains that might look like, such as or

The scale of the security breach seems considerably big. Opensea warned users about the sharing of E-mail with the entity in the past. If users shared their E-mails with the platform, they must assume they fell victim to the leak. The company added that it is working with on an investigation and has reported the incident to the authorities.

More than 1.8 million users have made at least one purchase through the Ethereum network on OpenSea, according to data gathered by Dune Analytics and shared by Techcrunch.

Similar Backgrounds

E-mail newsletter management for platforms and customer relationship management (CRM) software appears to be a pain point for crypto businesses as breaches of this data continue to happen with high frequency, says Coindesk.

Phishing scams can discourage users from trying to invest in digital assets ever again. The influence of crypto hacks could impact good opinions about the crypto environment. The impact of crimes linked to the cryptoworld has left deep traces on the community in 2021, with losses registered at $14 billion or more in assets.

The previous year, scammers amassed digital currencies with figures valued at $7.8 billion in 2020. The radical growth in digital assets interest has also attracted the attention of high-scale criminals towards the crypto holdings of users.

Specialists even said that the technical complexity of blockchain and digital assets would bring high-ranked scammers to play a role in the crime chain.

Spear-phishing Attacks May Come in the Form of E-mails or Text Messages

An e-mail or text message from an unknown crypto wallet provider requesting users to update their seed words is the first step to carrying out a Spear-phishing attack. Once users try to access the link to update the password or seed word, they bring the hacker the whole credential and information about the account. Spear phishing scams in crypto can also include the seduction of users to promote juicy promises with fantastic revenues in a short amount of time.

By: Jenson Nuñez


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