Rosetom will enable facilities for mining farms that want to use nuclear energy.

The renowned Russian nuclear power company, Rosetom State Atomic Energy Corporation, recently announced that it is expanding and reconditioning a new area of ​​their facilities to generate cleaner energy to preserve the environment, and that, in turn, it will work for a cryptocurrency farm.

Bitcoin mining is a business that requires a lot of effort. It is for this reason that it is necessary to have facilities equipped with enough energy to generate enough revenue for the mining process. The impact on the environment is usually high if numerous mining farms consume energy from sources unfavorable for the ecosystem.

It is for this reason that Rosetom hopes to have a solution to generate cleaner energy and allocate it to mining within its facilities. The space for mining must be acclimatized for processing, and get enough energy to function.

According to official information, Rosetom has made a strong investment of 4.8 million dollars for the development of these facilities that are expected to generate about 30 Megawatts of cleaner energy and at a lower cost for the mining of Bitcoin (BTC).

The company considers the movement as an important investment since mining farms turn out to be one of the main clients that require constant and stable energy. This turns out to be an opportunity for the company to diversify its negotiations and expand its customer list, thus ensuring a constant source of income and a form of industrial growth.

It is important to highlight that Russia has been one of the most receptive countries with the cryptocurrency industry. Being more open to its use and its ways of getting involved in the national economy. Its incorporation into economic growth plans is part of a set of measures that seek to address the United States. In this way, Rosetom would take advantage of government policies to expand its business in entering the cryptocurrency market.

The Importance of Mining

Mining turns out to be one of the most necessary processes within the crypto industry since it is through this process that blockchain users can share computing power on the network, and because of this the status of decentralized technology is preserved.

The growth of the industry assumes that the process for mining becomes a very expensive one. And it not only refers to the high costs of mining machines, which turn out to be quite high priced, but to the necessary conditions for the business.

Energy consumption is usually constant and high, thus increasing the cost of the creation of bitcoins. This represents greater energy needed for mining and greater environmental impact.

The transactions carried out by the mining machines in the blockchain network are those that form and fix the Bitcoin records in the chain of blocks. This action consumes large amounts of energy if added to a few hundred machines in the same process.

It is for this reason that alternative energy sources that contribute to this mining process are necessary at the lowest cost and with the least impact on the environment.

By María Rodríguez


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