The German firm Northern Bitcoin AG has concluded its tests in an air-cooled Bitcoin mining container that operates 144 Bitcoin ASIC miners. The company made the announcement on September 9th saying that the tests, conducted in Frankfurt-Hoechst, were a success.

According to the press release, the mining container is mobile, similar to the company’s other mining containers that use water to cool Bitcoin mining equipment. In this particular test, the company used a 20-foot container, which is half the size of other water-cooled containers, specifically built for outdoor operations, according to the statement.

To cool the container, cold outside air is ingested and filtered through lamellae mounted on an exterior wall and is then sent through the container passing through the mining hardware.

Hot exhaust air is vented through the wall that is opposite the container. The performance of the fans, which is variable, is controlled by temperature sensors. The concept was developed together with partners in Germany and brought at the market maturity.

Northern Bitcoin AG operates several Bitcoin miners that use renewable energy sources in order to achieve optimal mining and efficiency through their mining solutions designed for mobile devices. So far, the company has about 21 containers, about 40 feet high each, which house 210 Bitcoin ASIC each. That amounts to a total of 4,410 ASICs that are cooling with water. Something common with recently concluded test containers is that they are all mobile containers and the company can easily migrate them to more mining-friendly environments.

Moritz Jäger, Northern Bitcoin CTO reported that thanks to their water-cooled container solution, they have a revolutionary approach to extract Bitcoins in a sustainable and cost-effective way.

The new air-cooled technology has been optimized for cold locations throughout the year. With the new container variant, the firm is expanding its option to open new locations in Scandinavia for their Bitcoin mining. The same as the water-cooled variant, the air-cooled mining container is highly mobile. This allows them to react flexibly to all short-term location options to perform highly efficient Bitcoin mining.

It should be mentioned that Bitcoin mining involves the use of highly specialized equipment called ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) machines. This kind of equipment uses a lot of energy as it emits a lot of heat. The firm specifies that it requires constant cooling to function optimally and, thus, the solution that most mining operators chose was either air or water cooling.

Northern Bitcoin AG’s solution, however, differs from those of most mining operators because its solution is mobile. This means that the company can migrate its miners more frequently to favorable mining environments.

In an increasingly growing market, Bitcoin investors seek solutions for taking advantage of the qualities of this cryptocurrency. Its ability to recover from the worst all-time lows has earned Bitcoin the trust of millions of users in the ecosystem. New solutions like these air- and water-cooled Bitcoin mining containers described above allow them to mine the cryptocurrency par excellence even in the most adverse environments.

By Willmen Blanco


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