Bitcoin Cash announced a new version of the protocol that includes developer financing. Users and personalities are against upgrading the protocol and, therefore, a fork.

After weeks of controversy over the measure, users have closed ranks to reject the launch of a new protocol that contemplates its implementation. If this campaign is conducted, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) could be on the verge of forking into two parallel chains that will compete with each other.

Bitcoin Cash confirmed that it will conduct on May 15th a hard fork to upgrade its protocol. The launch of the Bitcoin ABC 0.21.0 client will incorporate the financing fund proposed by pools and miners last January. Despite criticism, Bitcoin Cash developers decided to keep slight modifications in the financing plan.

The insistence of Amaury Séchet and other Bitcoin Cash collaborators in maintaining the financing fund has raised suspicions. Peter Rizun, Chief scientist of Bitcoin Unlimited, denounced in recent days that Séchet incorporated the measure into the protocol to ensure the “creation of coins for him and his friends.”

Currently, Rizun has initiated a campaign against the financing fund. Through several messages on Twitter, the developer has tried to convince users not to upgrade the Bitcoin Cash protocol, recommending that they stay in the old Bitcoin Cash network to bypass the financing fee.

Rizun, who has become a big detractor of the proposal, would suggest conducting a non-consensual fork. In other words, two parallel Bitcoin Cash blockchains can be generated next May that will have to compete to assume the title of the main chain.

Popular Speech

Peter Rizun may promote the fork of Bitcoin Cash due to Amaury Séchet’s resignation from Bitcoin Unlimited. It should be noted that Rizun is cataloged by Gregory Maxwell as being “hypocritical” since his project has also received funding since it emerged. However, Rizun’s fork proposal is popular and it would not be surprising to see it being conducted successfully.

When reviewing the social networks using the keyword “Bitcoin Cash”, it cannot be doubted that the blockchain will suffer a non-consensual fork without consensus next May. Twitter users named the network as “Taxcoin”, ensuring that they will not upgrade the client of their nodes in order not to pay taxes to developers like Amaury Séchet.

In this way, a trend is forming within the Bitcoin Cash community to keep the network on its terms and not subject to the developer’s criteria. In other words, they plan to maintain a blockchain without a financing fund, where 5% of the mining reward and the transaction fees are not charged.

Among the most prominent comments are those by users that saw a new non-consensual Bitcoin Cash fork due to some controversy. This would be the third fork in which the project participates since it separated from Bitcoin in 2017. Just one year after this coordinated division, another dramatic break occurred that generated the Bitcoin ABC projects and Bitcoin SV.

The renowned tweeter and bitcoiner, Hodlonaut, mockingly said that he “was happy” that the BCH community was not part of Bitcoin. The bitcoiner community has also participated in the controversy distributing memes and making jokes about a future fork, an attitude that only raises the tension between contending projects.

 By Willmen Blanco


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